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The “Ins” and “Outs” of Chill Winter Birthdays

Feeling stuck for winter birthday party ideas? First, consider the age of your child and their party guests, the number of guests, and your budget. Do you want to enjoy a winter wonderland outdoors or feel warm and cozy indoors? Do you want to host the birthday party at home or away? Not to worry! There’s endless chill winter party potential in and around Calgary.

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A Winter Party for Teens

Having a winter birthday often limits you to an indoor party. But that’s okay because you still have great options for throwing a memorable bash this time of year. One idea is a snowball-themed birthday party for your tween. And the intimate setting of a home party will also give you a chance to get to know your tween’s friends better.

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Birthdays: Finding a Different Way to Celebrate

For my family, birthday parties can be difficult as we have a son with special needs. The difference is stark and hard: Often, no one comes to my son’s birthday parties but all of my daughter’s friends come to her birthday parties. For years, I’ve struggled with how to handle this difficult situation and thankfully last year, I hit on the perfect solution to this problem: Have ‘Birthday Experiences’ rather than ‘Birthday Parties’!

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Goodie Bags: It’s All About the Theme!

The goodie bag. The little memento, take-home gift, gesture of thanks or aid to the party’s frivolity, the goodie bag has become commonplace. Kids of all ages love them, even adults, but what type of items work for certain age groups? It really depends on the theme you are creating for the birthday party. Your theme is really the driving force on how to design your goodie bag because often items that you would assume are only for the young set might work for older kids, too. For example, if you are doing a nostalgia party for teens, items like a yo-yo, army men, or a wind-up toy work great as these toys stick with your theme and there is a novelty aspect to these toys for teens. (Now, if you are doing a Mario Cart theme and you gave out these goodie bags, you may need to relocate!)

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