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School Aged

Preparing for a parent-teacher conference

Long before you meet, you and your child’s teacher have a mutual goal: the success of your child. Parent-teacher conferences are an integral part of your communication with your child’s school. Conferencing not only provides the opportunity to share a wealth of information about your child, it also helps to create a partnership with the teacher that will assist your child through their most formative years.

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Five common homework problems (and how to solve them)

Summer seems like a distant memory and the carefree days of ice cream and pools have been replaced with school lunches and homework.


Homework is a common reason for arguments between parents and children but before you throw in the towel (after explaining the concept of an acute angle for the thousandth time), consider determining the main problem your child is having and trying some of these tips to help them:

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Creating a positive relationship with your child’s teacher

Every September, families enter the school year with the mystery of not knowing who their child’s teacher will be. As both a parent and an elementary educator, I understand this can be unnerving and (sometimes) a difficult transition. There are a variety of ways administrators and teachers work to facilitate the connection between home and school, but you as a parent can also play a big role in building this new relationship, and in turn, set your child up for success throughout the school year.

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10 easy ways to help the new kid in school

I adjusted my off-the-shoulder sweatshirt covered in splatter paint. Inspired by the movie Flashdance, my sweatshirt did little to distract from the fact that I was a 5'8" tall 12-year-old standing alone outside a middle school classroom. It was the first day of school and I knew no one. My family had just relocated to the area from across the country.

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