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School Aged

I'm just not smart like the other kids

“Mom, I’m just not smart like the other kids.” 

As a parent, hearing this statement could be your worst nightmare. Perhaps your nightmare is your child coming home from school with an increased level of frustration – homework time takes forever, the list of assignments and unfinished lessons continues to accumulate, and your child’s self-esteem appears to be dropping like a stone. Your concern is mounting, and you ask yourself, “what is a parent to do?”

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Should I enroll my child in French Immersion?

Whether your home is bilingual or not, enrolling your children in a French Immersion program is an option readily available in Calgary. When considering this option for your children, you are making a conscious choice for their future and are likely weighing the pros and cons.

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How do you know if your child is in the right school?

It may sound like a major undertaking, but nothing can improve your child’s happiness and academic future like placing them in a school where they can thrive and realize their full potential. 

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31 questions that will pump your kids up for school

As the old school year ends, a new school year is just around the corner. It seems you either dread it, or embrace it. For those who embrace it, a new school year is ripe with possibility and opportunities for growth and exploration. A new grade with new friends to make, new topics to learn about, new abilities to test.

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