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School Aged

Helping Kids Face Back-to-School Fears

Mom, I’m not sure I should have signed up for AP English,” says Adam, a high school freshman. “I’ve heard it’s really hard.” Adam, a smart student who doesn’t want to disappoint his parents, lacks confidence in his ability to keep up with the work required in his upcoming classes. His main fear centres on academics.

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31 Questions to Pump Your Kids Up for School

A new school year. It seems you either dread it or embrace it. For those who embrace it, a new school year is ripe with possibility and opportunities for growth and exploration. A new grade with new friends to make, new topics to learn about, new abilities to test.

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School Anxiety - Take the Nerves Out of Back to School

Back-to-school is my favorite time of the year; the air is crisp and there is promise of a new start. I always feel like September is the real ‘New Year.’ Most children see September as a fresh start - a chance to start over and fix past mistakes. However, with that hope of a fresh new start comes a lot of pressure. Children begin to focus on their social groups: ‘Will these new kids like me?’ ‘Has the summer changed my friends and now they won’t want to hang out with me?’

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Transitioning Back to School - From the Calgary Police Service

It’s that time of year again: back-to-school time. This season is hectic and with all of the added stress, safety can be easily overlooked. As you start to transition your children back to their school routines, there are a couple of important discussions you should have with them. During this period of change, your kids will likely be faced with many new challenges, difficult situations, and potentially some new issues they have never experienced before.

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