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Alternative Education Options in Calgary

Although you may know that a mainstream public program just isn’t right for your child, it can be difficult to know where to turn to find the perfect fit. Whether you’re looking for something for your theatre kid, want a more faith-based learning community, or need a school which will keep your gifted child interested, Calgary has options for every child and for every family.

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Help your tween or teen transition to a new school

For kids of all ages, transitioning to a new school can be difficult. Whether it is your child’s first day of high school or you’re moving to a new school district, starting a new school can affect your child’s academic performance, social development, and mental state. But there are things you can do before and during your child’s switch to a new school to help them feel and become comfortable in an unfamiliar environment. 

Although moving to a new school might feel like a disaster to your tw/een, starting at a new school can be a positive experience for them. However, that does not mean they will not struggle to adjust. Switching peer groups, adjusting to a new academic schedule, and leaving behind old friends can be hard for adolescents. And it is not just about social expectations - a new school can also cause challenges in academic and extracurricular areas. While many tw/eens thrive in a fresh start, immediately jumping into activities and making friends, others will not immediately succeed. Your tw/een may feel lost for a bit, both academically and socially.

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A road map to educational success

When we embark upon a road trip, particularly as parents travelling with children, it’s important to have a plan. We may set our GPS, pack required items, plan our stops, ensure our vehicle is maintained – it’s often a long list. 

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The 10 Best Beginning Chapter Books for Kids

When children are ready for chapter books, a new level of reading wonders await as they develop a reading identity and favorite authors they can’t get enough of! Help your young readers discover the tales that will have them asking for more reading time with these 10 popular beginning chapter book series.

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