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School Aged

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A road map to educational success

When we embark upon a road trip, particularly as parents travelling with children, it’s important to have a plan. We may set our GPS, pack required items, plan our stops, ensure our vehicle is maintained – it’s often a long list. 

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The 10 Best Beginning Chapter Books for Kids

When children are ready for chapter books, a new level of reading wonders await as they develop a reading identity and favorite authors they can’t get enough of! Help your young readers discover the tales that will have them asking for more reading time with these 10 popular beginning chapter book series.

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All About Assesment

When winter comes, it’s important to check your tires and make sure your vehicle is ready for the season. You want to be safe on the road and feel confident as you’re driving. When you don’t have the right supports or things aren’t quite in order, driving becomes harder. The same thing can be said about school and learning.

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Fun and Nutritious Breakfast in a Hurry!

There isn’t a family out there whose home isn’t like Union Station at rush hour first thing in the morning. You are trying to get ready for work while trying to get the kids dressed for school while trying to find backpacks, laptops, and probably matching shoes... for both you and the kids. Who has time to eat food, let alone healthy food on rushed weekday mornings?! It is definitely an afterthought, and I get it! I’m one of those people, too. ‘Just get everyone to their intended destination on time.’ That is the goal.

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