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School Aged

Mom, Can You Please Bring Me My Homework?

Can you please bring me my Chromebook?’ Said the text message I received from my eighth-grade son. Out of my three kids, he wasn’t the worst offender for forgetting important items for school at home. His twin sister easily won that prize by texting me to bring her homework, lunch, or gym clothes twice as often as he did. ‘I’m on my way,’ I texted back to my son.

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Your Child's Special Needs Education

Navigating and advocating the school system when your child is diagnosed with special needs can be very daunting. However, as the parent of a child with special needs, you hold out hope, belief, and a yearning that the school system and all those who work within the system have your child’s best interests and well-being at heart. Unfortunately, in some cases, that is not the way it appears.

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No Homework Hassles - Practical Advice

Homework serves many helpful purposes. Students learn how to follow through on lessons taught in the classroom. Homework tests a student’s comprehension of material that has already been covered in class so that learning gaps can be caught early. Finally, homework teaches kids how to focus in other locations outside of school. The ability for a student to settle down and get to work on a project is a skill that serves them not only in school, but throughout the rest of their lives.

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Q & A - 25 Questions to Help You Choose the Right School for Your Child

In Alberta, we are fortunate to have an abundance of educational opportunities and school choice. Even amongst the independent school options, there is a wide variety of missions, programs, and focus-areas. To help you set your child on the right path, we’ve taken a step back and compiled this objective list of questions you can use to evaluate each school you are considering.

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