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A road map to educational success

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When we embark upon a road trip, particularly as parents travelling with children, it’s important to have a plan. We may set our GPS, pack required items, plan our stops, ensure our vehicle is maintained – it’s often a long list. 

Modern advances mean we can be advised of when to expect traffic issues in our path, where to find our favorite restaurants, and ultimately allow us to make informed decisions regarding changing our course. We have an amazing amount of information at our fingertips to guide us on our journey. We can also support our children with a myriad of options to alleviate boredom on trips. Gone are the days of relying upon “I Spy” or staring intently at a sibling to alleviate boredom. The success of a road trip often hinges on our planning, knowing the route, and making responsive changes as needed. So how does this relate to your child’s education?

While the road map to successfully reach educational goals cannot be programmed into your GPS, you can find a map. Just as we have wonderful supports available on our family travels, we can gain understanding of our child’s learning profile and consider which programs are likely to fit well for them. 

Sometimes our child’s education may seem to be off course, and as parents we wonder how it got that way, and how far off course it is. Is it a matter of the wrong road choice for the vehicle? If I were heading to the mountains on a snowy day, driving a motorcycle would certainly make for a challenging journey. My son loves to tell me about various sports cars, and while the concept of their performance is intriguing to him, I’ve explained at least one of us will not fit in the car on the morning commute to school. In its ideal setting, a sports car can perform to its ability and be appreciated. Outside of that, the strengths may be less obvious.

So how do we find roadmaps to support our children to be on the best path to support their success? When we see our children struggling or are wondering if they are in the right educational setting to get to their destination successfully, there are ways to get answers. If you encountered difficulties on your road trip, it would be time to regroup and you would probably avoid randomly choosing exits, hoping they are the right one. You need a plan. Knowing more about your child’s personal needs when it comes to learning can support you in making those choices and helping your child reach their potential. Psychoeducational assessment can help inform decision making by offering you an understanding of your child’s learning profile and their strengths; a road map to success, if you will. Just as many road trips flow relatively seamlessly, so may your child’s education. However, if you are wondering if they are in a figurative construction zone or at a crossroads and are uncertain which path to choose, it may be time to consider accessing additional supports to guide your decision-making process. Many psychologists who perform psychoeducational assessments are happy to offer a free consultation to determine if that would make sense for your child.

Jody is a registered psychologist in the province of Alberta. Jody brings to the Sheldon Psychology team many years of experience working to support people in making change in their lives through counselling and career exploration. The focus of her work through the years has been on supporting change through life's transitions. Jody is intensely interested in children's healthy development and supporting strong families. Learn more at or contact Sheldon Psychology Group at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

happy girl on a pink background

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