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School Aged

Building bridges: Communicate and connect with your child’s teacher

Do you feel intimidated when you think of talking with your child's teacher? What if your child complains about problems with his or her teacher? What do you do then?

I'm a parent and a teacher, so I've been on both sides of the teacher's desk. Here are some tips to help you communicate and connect with your child's teacher so that all involved can have an amazing school year.

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12 great memory strategies for better grades

All of us, students, and non-students alike, forget important things. This happens when we don’t transfer information into long-term memory. It is important to know how to do this to do well in school and beyond.

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Back-to-school prep essentials

The start of a new school year with a new routine is a significant transition from the long lazy days of the summer. Whether your child is just beginning school for the first time or a seasoned student, a new grade level or school with new teachers, classes, and expectations requires an adjustment. Students and parents alike may feel a range of emotions as the back-to-school season quickly approaches. Ease your family's anxieties by adequately preparing for and setting the tone for the new school year.

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Taking control of back-to-school anxiety

The new school year is around the corner. This means you’re probably enjoying the last few weeks of summer vacation, starting back-to-school shopping, and anticipating the new school year. You may be wondering who your child’s new teacher will be (we all know the teacher/child connection makes a big impact on the year), how they will manage their schoolwork load, and whether they’ll be placed in the same class as their best friend. One thing you may lose sight of (unless they clearly express it) is your child’s level of anxiety before school starts. 

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