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8 reasons why kids should learn STEAM skills

It’s no secret that kids need to be learning STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Applied Design and Mathematics) skills early, but why is it important? And how do you get started? 

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Slow and steady: maintain positive momentum through the school year

Pace yourself! Pacing yourself, not overscheduling, can be difficult, especially with multiple children. Overscheduling and programming can cause burnout for both parents and children. Always look at September to November as the honeymoon period for both students and households. Children may fatigue and sometimes poor behaviors appear. It can be difficult to manage homework, school activities, karate, piano lessons, playdates, and keeping up with chores at home.

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From frantic to focused: The overscheduled child

Coming home to tired, cranky and stressed-out kids can easily transform your home from a feeling of refuge to a household of hassles. Overscheduled children impact routines at home. So how do families create a home environment that supports harmony and balance?

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Book clubs for every age and stage

Book clubs are fashionable these days. Note the avid readers meeting in coffee shops, book stores, libraries and living rooms. For those of us who have always had our noses in a book, this is welcome news, but there are excellent reasons for joining book groups that go well beyond following the latest trend. 

Here are some reasons both you and your child should consider joining a book group:

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