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Weekend Adventures

Four Simple Strategies for Backyard Camping Success

There is a plethora of things you can do before taking your kids camping to maximize your chances of a successful trip. You can choose a campsite that’s relatively close to home, invite other families (read: other kids to entertain your own kids), and bring a solid supply of junk food, to name a few strategies.

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First Campout with Your Family: Make it a Winner

If your family has a long history of camping and is totally outdoor-savvy, then read no further. But if your children haven’t been camping before and you’d like to take them, there are some important points to take into consideration. There are so many good reasons to get out into nature: learning about the flora and fauna of an area, relaxing in the company of your family, and building healthier bodies and minds. Camping is a great thing to do.

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Countdown to Summer Vacation with 10 Weekend Adventures

My family goes into full ‘weekend warrior’ mode during May and June as we count down the days until school lets out for summer and we can go on vacation. While my family patiently waits for the last day of classes, we pack our weekends full of fun hikes, bike rides, and camping trips to hold us over.

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Top 5 Badlands Adventures

Most Calgarians have visited the Badlands at least once - this incredible, unique geological formation stretches all the way down to Arizona. It’s home to unique plant and animal life, rich natural resources, incredible rock formations - and, at least in our part of the Badlands, some world-class hospitality. As your kids grow older, it can be hard to plan long vacations around their increasingly busy schedules. While the Rocky Mountains are known far and wide as a great winter destination, the Badlands are a hidden treasure full of interesting day trips which can be easily accomplished on a weekend - right in our own backyard. Here are our top five picks for a weekend of fun which should please even the pickiest teen!

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