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Ages 11-17

What is normal rebellion vs. something more?

Parents are often perplexed when their previously angelic (well, perhaps not angelic – but at least mostly agreeable) kids hit their junior high years. Where did those sweet kids, who wanted hugs and to spend time with their parents, go? What kind of monster kidnapped these previously delightful kids and replaced them with these changelings, these frustrating know-it-alls who have the power of an eye-roll you can actually hear?

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What does your teen want?

As a parent of a teen, you’re navigating uncharted territory and are likely open to advice from those who’ve gone before you. Your teen is going through tremendous emotional, physical, and social changes, while you may also be facing a series of your own ‘firsts’: the physical and emotional changes of aging, mid-life crisis issues, etc. The transitions faced by both you and your teen can make for some challenging times at home.

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Improving communication with your teen

“Mom please stop interrogating me.”


My daughter says this to me more often than I care to admit. I ask a lot of questions because she does not give me much information. So I’m left wondering, how could I change?

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When is my child ready to be left home alone?

The law is often unclear about this. From a parenting perspective, the answer to this question lies with you and your child. There is no magic number when every child in your home will be ready. It requires a group of skills that need to be taught over time. This article will help you sort through the pieces of the puzzle and put them together in a way that fits for each child in your family.

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