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Health & Wellness

Tips for Tear-Free Check-Ups

The average child will have nine well visits in their first two years of life and at least one checkup every year after. For kids who tend to worry and even fear going to the doctor, this can be overwhelming. But there is good news! There are a few things you can do to calm the fears of your child who has an upcoming check-up.

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Sit Up Straight! The Importance of Posture

I’m sure we all remember a parent telling us to “sit up straight” when we were kids. Nowadays, I’m not sure if parents are still telling their kids to sit up straight, but I do know that in our current age of technology, good posture is more important than ever.

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Set Up Your Freezer for Mealtime Success

As a dietitian for close to 20 years, I’ve noticed my most successful clients achieving the best success don’t necessarily have more time or knowledge, they have clear systems built for speed and repetition. One of the systems that can greatly help with meal planning success, especially for time-crunched families, is to understand not just what to put in the freezer, but how to set it up.

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7 Reasons to Love Exercising at Home

The annual gym membership price was the same
 as the sales price of the elliptical machine. Your partner wanted the gym membership; you said you would never use it. The debate was on. Your partner wanted frills and perks; you wanted practicality and ease. When the point-counterpoints settled, you won! Now you both work out more regularly than you ever would have imagined. 

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