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Health & Wellness

Talking to Boys About Body Image & Disordered Eating

When Kristine Strange talks about fitness with her two school-age sons, she’s careful to focus on effort, rather than physical appearance.

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Dealing with Sleep Regressions

First, the good news. Thanks to social distancing and reduced travel, fewer children experienced ear infections, colds, and other minor illnesses over the past year, says Maida Chen, MD, director of the Pediatric Sleep Disorders Center at Seattle Children’s Hospital. Because these illnesses routinely disrupt slumber for babies, toddlers, and young children, families may have fewer illness-related sleep complaints.

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How to Set (and Keep) Your Mental Health Goals

Being the healthiest version of yourself means taking care of your mental health. To do this, set goals to practice self-care and prioritize your well-being.

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Give up Mealtime Fights!

Often, when you place your child’s plate of food on the table, you can feel your stomach sink and your anxiety rise: ‘Will they eat this? Did I prepare it the way they like? Is this going to be another fight?’

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