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Is your child struggling to see?

It often comes as a shock to parents when they learn from their optometrist that their child is struggling to see. 

“I’ve had parents break down in my exam room because they had no idea their child was struggling,” says Calgarian optometrist Dr. Farrah Sunderji. 

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Heat Related Illness

EMS would like to remind everyone to stay safe in the heat and sun this season. While children, elderly and individuals with varying underlying health conditions may be more susceptible to the effects of heat and sun, all should take basic prevention measures to avoid a heat-related illness during periods of hot and humid weather. 

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Health Link 811 - Your child development questions answered over the phone

Parents, guardians and caregivers who have concerns about their child’s development and well-being can now receive free advice and guidance through a new phone service launched recently by Alberta Health Services (AHS).

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Let’s get moving!

Movement – it’s so simple, yet critical for a healthy life. Movement provides us with healthy joints, muscles and bones; allows us to run, jump, swim and go on adventures; promotes learning, concentration and increases our mental wellbeing. Our society is moving less and less, and the results are severely impacting our health. Studies have shown that children today may live up to five years less than their parents due to inactivity and the associated health risks.

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