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Exercise tips for busy parents on the move

Life is full of long ‘to do’ lists and when you’re a parent, the list is never-ending. We have all heard it said that we need to fill our own cup before we can fill others, but sometimes that cup stays empty far too long. 

As a working mother of three, I know the importance of structured routine and staying organized. If you are a parent on the move and want to stay active but are pressed for time, I encourage you to think about the possibility of five minutes. Yes, just five minutes.

When it comes to time for working out, it is common for us to have an ‘all or nothing’ mentality and if we are unable to do a full work-out, we tend to forego taking any time for a work-out. Maybe you can relate to waking up, getting your children in the car and simply being happy you made it to school on time. The moment your alarm clock sounds, you are on the go and the busyness and intensity of the day keeps going until your head hits the pillow at night. You crave time for yourself, and you desire to be more active, but it just doesn’t seem possible. If this is you, read on for some quick tips that can make incredible changes 

I invite you to set your alarm clock five minutes earlier and carve out five minutes for yourself to do a full body work-out so that your mind and body feel ready for the day. I promise you that taking these moments for yourself will allow your day to unfold in a completely different way.  Your day needs to begin with you taking care of yourself before you tackle your job as a parent. 

Pull out a mat from under your bed or use a towel and do ten push-ups, ten sit-ups, ten bum lifts, ten triceps dips, ten squats, ten calf raises, ten jumping jacks and maybe finish off strong and do your ten best dance moves to wrap up your session. Do this cycle as many times as possible in the five minutes. If you maintain consistency and keep your commitment to yourself, you will start to feel a bit calmer and more capable of facing the day’s demands. 

When you program your brain for what is possible and stick to a commitment for yourself, your self-esteem increases, and you feel better about yourself. Additionally, after taking time for a simple work-out, you will often naturally make better eating decisions throughout the day. You will begin to crave more water, which will flush out your toxins and allow your organs to function optimally and increase your energy levels. Moving your body will strengthen your emotional, mental, and physical health. 

When you leave your room to start the day, you will have had five minutes to ground yourself and begin to feel positive energy. Take the time to set an intention for the day – consider how you want to feel, how you want to show up for your family or work, and how you can be present in your life. Setting an intention focuses your mind in the right direction. You will manage stress better throughout the day and will feel a sense of inner peace. This all starts with saying ‘yes’ to yourself and carving out five minutes to be active.

Once you have a routine of five minutes each morning, you may also try to find five minutes in the afternoon to reset once again. Your body and your mind will start to crave the activity and the mental benefits that physical exercise provides. Finally, when you have these ten minutes to yourself, you may be able to find five more minutes in the evening, giving you 15 minutes of movement, activity and energy. 

If you make these small but significant shifts, they will add up over time and even though you are one busy parent on the move, you will have moved your body, reset your mind, and found some ‘you’ time. When this happens, it is your invitation to bust out a happy dance and feel proud that you made a commitment to yourself and made it happen. 

Cara is the owner and operator of Soul Connexion. If you are looking for a little time for yourself, check out Soul Connexion - a dance, yoga, fitness and fine arts studio offering classes for the whole family. Just mention Calgary Child Magazine and enjoy a free class pass on them!


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