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Fight the winter blues with movement

Winter is here! It’s cold and snowy, the roads are icy, and maybe the last thing you want to do is go to the gym to workout on those freezing, cold days.

The truth is, the cold months can put us in a funk if we are not intentional about managing our schedules. When we fail to move our bodies and opt to stay inside, our mindset is negatively impacted. If you are unable to get into your car and drive to a studio for a workout, don’t let that stop you this winter. Keep moving to fight the winter blues. It’s cold outside, but you can stay positive by embracing activity into your everyday schedule!

Try to start small this winter by staying active inside and scheduling short blocks of movement within your day to do a simple workout that allows you to feel successful. Starting with small shifts will add up to tremendous change.

Enjoy these five ‘best tips’ to staying on track with your winter workout.


  • Schedule it in your daily calendar and make a sustainable plan for yourself. Decide if you are going to follow a workout video on YouTube or take a class online. Perhaps you need to drive to a class or a gym to work out by yourself or in a group class. Whatever works for you, determine to be committed to your plan. When you follow through with the commitment you make to yourself, your confidence increases.
  • Celebrate your wins. When you take time to congratulate yourself for what you accomplished instead of what you did not complete, your brain starts to focus on the positives and not the negatives. If you only have five minutes, give it your all and do a mini workout at home. The most important part is maximizing the time you have, getting active and making it work for your life and schedule. If you create space and keep your goals attainable, you are more likely to continue with your plan.
  • Make small shifts. Once you are in the habit of working out, you can increase your intensity and duration to get you the results you desire. Focusing on large goals often leads to defeat and discouragement as the gap from where you are starting and where you want to go is too large. Try to increase your output each week or month in small increments and see how your goal becomes more attainable.
  • Get active with your kids. Taking your kids tobogganing down the hill and then walking or jogging up the hill is a great workout. Skiing outside is amazing and skating on the ice is a physical and a mental release. You can also be active indoors with your kids – engage in a dance party to burn off energy, get moving and increase the positive vibes! Take note of where you can incorporate a bit of activity with your kids each day as it will all add up.
  • Try something new. When we become bored, we are less likely to be motivated to try something new, so it’s important to keep your life interesting. Plan to try something new each month – whether it is a class, activity, new recipe, new board game or a new drink out with your friends. Keeping things fresh allows your mental state to stay positive and the mind is where the magic begins.
  •  Be accountable. Join a weekly/monthly challenge online that incorporates a ten to 15 minute workout each day. Ask a friend to join you in the challenge and text each other each time you complete your workout. Encourage and celebrate with one another for each small win.


If you are looking to stay accountable, motivated, and inspired this winter, check out Soul Connexion’s classes for both children and adults. Visit for more information. Make a commitment to yourself to stay active and beat the blues this winter!


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