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Health Link 811 - Your child development questions answered over the phone

Parents, guardians and caregivers who have concerns about their child’s development and well-being can now receive free advice and guidance through a new phone service launched recently by Alberta Health Services (AHS).

By calling Health Link at 811, Albertans with concerns about their child’s development — including speech, movement and hearing — can be redirected to the new Pediatric Rehabilitation Line and speak with an occupational therapist or another appropriate allied health professional.

“This new line is another innovative way that AHS is bringing more care options to more Albertans, reducing pressures on the healthcare system,” says AHS President and CEO Mauro Chies. 

“Directing callers to allied health professionals through the Pediatric Rehabilitation Line not only links that caller to immediate and appropriate care information, it provides parents and guardians with peace of mind when they are able to speak directly with a professional about concerns related to their children.”

The Pediatric Rehabilitation Line provides advice to parents and caregivers of infants, children and youth (birth to 18 years) who have concerns about developmental milestones in areas such as:

  • Moving and playing (crawling, walking, coordination, playing with toys, using utensils).
  • Talking and listening (babbling, using words and sentences, speech sounds, understanding directions, stuttering, voice quality).
  • Taking care of themselves (dressing, toileting, sleeping).
  • Managing emotions (calming self, becoming overwhelmed or overstimulated).
  • Difficulty eating or swallowing (coughing and gagging).
  • Hearing (responding to sounds, noise, voices, words).

The Pediatric Rehabilitation Line can also help callers who are looking for local services and/or current rehabilitation resources (links to information or webinars) or need support to help a child or youth recover from COVID-19.

The Pediatric Rehabilitation Line is integrated into the existing Rehabilitation Advice Line, which is staffed by physiotherapists and occupational therapists, and was launched in 2020. The Rehabilitation Advice Line (1-833-379-0563) answers more than 10,000 calls per year.

Callers to the Rehabilitation Advice Line can also be asked to be redirected to the Pediatric Rehabilitation Line during operating hours: Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm.

“Our trained healthcare professionals are there to provide information and guidance to callers who have concerns over their child’s development, and offer direct support,” says Patricia Chambers, Senior Provincial Director of Virtual Care, Access and Navigation with AHS.

AHS also offers free webinars that cover a range of developmental topics for children and youth from birth to 18 years. Topics range from toilet training and tummy time to emotional regulation and speech development. Hosted by pediatric rehabilitation professionals, the AHS webinar series is designed for all parents and caregivers. It may be especially beneficial for those with children and youth who may be developing differently or have medical conditions that are affecting their development. For more information on the Zoom webinars, visit

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