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Ages 0-5

Sibling rivalry and the new baby

Few things are more important to parents than having their kids get along well together! Nevertheless, it can be difficult for kids, especially toddlers, to accept new additions to the family. 

“Where they were once the centre of your world, now they’re forced to share the spotlight,” as Sophie Bell of BabyCentre, a major parenting site, puts it. 

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Baby talk

When it comes to language development, every one-year-old sets their own pace. Read on for the latest word on when to worry and when to relax.

“How many words does your child say?” is the hot topic of conversation among parents of one-year-olds. But keeping a word count can be more nerve-wracking than thrilling if your toddler’s the silent type. Most of the time there’s little cause for alarm. 

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“Help! my toddler is mean to the baby!”

For many only-child children, life is good. They have their parents’ undivided attention, always responding to their needs, and, more importantly, they don’t have to share with anyone. Now enter a new sibling. The arrival of a new sibling can be one of the most dramatic changes in your child's life, and some children will have difficulties being kind and gentle with their new sibling. 

But not to worry, below are our top tips for creating safe and loving relationships with new babies and their older (sometimes not so helpful) siblings: 

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Postpartum depression and bonding with your baby

Postpartum depression occurs in one in ten parents who have just given birth. It also occurs in one in ten of their partners. Often, postpartum depression is left undiagnosed or not seen by a doctor, so the reality is that these numbers are probably higher. For that reason, it is so important to understand and recognize the signs and symptoms of postpartum depression either in yourself or in your partner. 

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