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Ages 0-5

Temper, temper - Tantrum tools for caregivers

Toddlerhood is a developmental stage full of immeasurable joy. During this time, we see our little ones gaining a sense of autonomy. “Me do it!” is a common phrase we hear as toddlers express their desire to do things independently. They start exploring their environment while verbally and physically expressing their needs, wants, and desires. It's magical to watch them begin forming their own little identities. A very normal, yet often triggering part of this stage is the protesting. Their favorite word suddenly becomes “no” and, of course, the tantrums. You may be wondering why these even occur? How do we stop them?

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Tips on minimizing and organizing baby gear your child has outgrown

It’s no secret just how much space baby gear can take up in your home. Starting from the newborn stage of cribs to swings, clothing, toys, gifts from friends and relatives, and everything in between, even the largest of spaces can fill up quickly. Add in all the new items continuously being brought in throughout different phases as your child's interests change and, before you know it, your home can easily be taken over by everything baby.

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Sweet dreams: Creating a calming bedtime routine

Here is some of the science behind routines, why they’re so helpful for young children, and a breakdown of some sample routines, by age, that support quality sleep.

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The myths around ditching the diapers

There is one milestone in a child’s life that can make a parent cringe like no other when it comes to starting the process. You guessed it – potty training. There are so many fears, anxieties and questions surrounding this complex milestone: “How long is this going to take?” “Will my child resist?” “Is my support network going to be on board?” “Where do I start?” Oh, and let’s not forget - the accidents. The messy, messy accidents. 

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