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Ages 0-5

Discovery Baskets for Babies and Toddlers

While activity ideas for older kids seem to be plentiful and easy to track down, sometimes it seems harder to find things you can do at home with babies and young toddlers, doesn’t it? Enter discovery baskets! These simple little collections of everyday objects can be pulled together countless ways and make a great go-to activity for little ones starting from the time they can sit up.

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3 Tips to Get Kids to Stop Waking the Whole Family

When pregnant with my second baby, I worried that a crying newborn would wake up my older child during the night. But motherhood has a funny way of surprising you at every turn. The baby never ended up waking the toddler. The problem was, our toddler woke up the baby. 

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Fine Motor Skills in Preschoolers

There is so much more to preparing your preschooler than numbers and ABCs. One of the most important skills your preschooler needs are adequate fine motor skills. Fine motor skills involve movement of the smaller muscle groups in your child’s hands, fingers, and wrists. With the advent of screens, preschoolers are falling behind in fine motor skills as their hands become ‘paddle fingers’ for swiping screens. 

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What and How You Should be Feeding Your Preschool-Aged Child

When your child graduates from toddlerhood to childhood, things change a little, food-wise. Your little one might be in preschool now or perhaps they’re in a dayhome or with a nanny (or maybe still at home with you). Either way, your little one most likely won’t be eating all of their meals at home anymore. Yikes! Does this give you anxiety? If it does, you’re not alone. What’s more, your child’s nutritional needs are ever-evolving (and their will and determination, too!).

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