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Ages 0-5

The Mindful New Parent - Seven Things Every Baby Needs to Thrive

Just as a vitamin or a mineral deficiency can lead to problems later in life, if we want to raise happy, confident children, parents need to focus on fulfilling the basic needs every baby has from birth onward. And babies are not the only ones with needs. Every person longs to experience these seven feelings from the day we are born until the day we leave this world. By identifying the desires you have in common with your baby, you can become a more mindful parent.

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How to Survive the Elementary School Years

At every stage of development, parents face new challenges and the elementary school years are no different. Read on for some tips to help you through this adventurous but trying stage.

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Ask Elizabeth: End Preschooler Back Talk!

When you first hear your preschooler talk back to you, it is often a simple expression of their emotion: “No! I don’t want to.” It is important to differentiate between your child’s feelings and how they are expressing them. They are absolutely entitled to their feelings, but the problem is in the way that they are voicing them. A disrespectful pattern can quickly emerge and worsen if the communication pattern is not pointed out and corrected from the beginning.

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It's Tummy Time! Ease the Struggle

Tummy time during play time should be an important part of your parenting game plan.

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