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Ages 0-5

Baby Quirks: Strange (but Normal!) Things Babies Do

Every new parent at some point wonders: Is my baby supposed to do that? Is this normal? Morgan Shandler recalls several moments of new mama anxiety during the first few weeks home with her daughter, who is now a busy one-year-old. “One thing that particularly freaked me out was when Violet would bob her head when attempting to nurse. It almost looked like she was having a seizure or like she was a broken-down robot,” says Shandler. “But my paediatrician assured me it was a completely normal part of ‘rooting’ for the breast.”

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How to Win Parenting Battles: Ages 0 to 5

Being the parent of a baby, toddler, or preschooler has so many rewards - and those rewards are well earned by the numerous trials parents must contend with at every stage. Let the following tips guide you through some of the challenges you’re likely to face.

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Solutions for a Middle-of-the-Night Visitor in Your Bed

There are a few ways to keep your little one in his own bed all night. Since every child is different and every situation is different, each family will approach this situation in a unique way.

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Handle Whining, Talking Back, and Other Annoying Kidspeak

Science has proven what parents already know: Whining is the most annoying sound on Earth.  A recent study published in the journal Evolutionary Biology found that when compared to other forms of speech, including baby talk, whining was uniquely distracting, causing listeners to tune in to the whining at the expense of other tasks. 

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