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Ages 0-5

7 Free Breastfeeding Resources in Calgary

As a new parent, you will be experiencing many things for the first time. Among those things will be how to feed your baby. Exclusive breastfeeding is recommended for the first six months and nursing to two years and beyond is encouraged. For many parents, breastfeeding may not come easy. Both you and your baby are learning a new skill. Be patient with yourself - it takes time! 

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Tips for a Great Start to Parenting for Both of You

Did you know that when your partner is given 15 minutes of alone time with the new baby in the first few hours after birth, they will spend significantly more time with your child in the first three months of life? Sometimes, your partner gets left out of the conversation about transitioning into parenting. Let’s explore a few ways to make a great start to parenting for both of you.

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Toilet Training the Montessori Way

It’s time to talk about potty-training or as I prefer to call it, ‘toilet learning.’ Within the Montessori approach, we call it toilet learning rather than potty-training because we know that toileting is a skill to be learned when your child is ready - not necessarily when you decide you are ready to train your child. Referring to it as a ‘learning experience’ helps frame the whole toilet learning process in a positive light that revolves around the child, instead of adult convenience.

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10 Brain-Building Games to Play With Your Baby

Playing with your baby yields more than sweet smiles, squeals, and coos. According to researchers and child-development experts, simple, everyday games can boost baby’s brain development, fostering growth in language, science, math, and organizational skills (called executive functions) along with social and emotional learning. 

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