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Indoor Activities That will Keep Your Kids Busy, Happy, and Away From Their Screens

During these difficult times, it can be challenging to find indoor activities that will get your kids' bodies moving and keep their minds busy, so they aren’t constantly asking for screen time to entertain them. Add the fact that the activities need to be easy to do and include items that you already have on hand because retail stores are closed for an undetermined amount of time at the moment, all you may hear is “I’m bored” and "There’s nothing to do!”

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Let's Go Tubing!

Tubing is a great Spring activity when there is often insufficient snow in the city for regular sledding. There are four different tube parks to visit between Calgary and Lake Louise, all located at family-friendly ski resorts. Each one is fun in a unique way with slight differences or advantages, depending on your family’s desired thrill factor!

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Embrace Outdoor Play

Do you wonder if your child’s schedule is too crowded? Too stressful? Do you watch your child play video games by the hour and get a little nervous about the long-term effects? Do you wish your child had time to ‘just play’?

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+ 15 Art Circuit

Although Spring is in the air, Calgarians are well aware that doesn’t mean the days of frigid temperatures are over. In fact, the average temperature in March in Calgary is 4°C. So, what do you do when you want to get the kids out of the house to explore something new but can’t depend on unpredictable Alberta weather? Create your own indoor art tour through downtown’s Plus 15 network!

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