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5 Ways to Stop Micromanaging Your Kids’ Goals

Teaching your kids to have goals, do their best, and leverage personal momentum to succeed are all good ideas. However, there is a difference between supporting a child’s efforts to reach their goals versus taking control of the results you deem the best possible outcomes for your kids.

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Get in the Know About Sports Registration

Most parents agree that encouraging their child to try a new sport or activity can be beneficial! Not only can it provide an additional opportunity to get exercise but mastering new skills, forming new friendships, and learning teamwork all have its advantages.

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10 Tips for Terrific Tryouts

Tryout season can be tough! The new school year has just begun, and already your tw/een is being asked to put themselves out there in front of their coaches. Tryouts can be a huge source of anxiety for your child. Read on for some great advice you can pass on to them to help ease their jitters.

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When Swim Lessons Don't Go Well

Sometimes swim lessons don’t go as planned. I’ve witnessed this situation from time to time in my many years as a swimming instructor. Anything can go wrong: from crying and screaming to refusing to participate to ignoring the swim instructor. Maybe your child was excited about swimming lessons before you left the house but fell apart at some point before or during the class. Or maybe your child didn’t want to go in the first place. These situations can be frustrating because you’re spending valuable time and money on swim lessons with the hope that your child will learn to be safe and confident in the water, and then your child doesn’t want to participate.

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