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Get Artsy With It - 12 Benefits of Exposing Your Children to Fine Arts

As our school classrooms become more focused on reading and writing excellence, our children may be missing out on some of the most important skills they can learn: appreciation of and active participation in the arts! Fine arts can include much more than drawing and painting. They include music and drama. They encompass many kinds of artistic expression such as working with clay, creating mosaics, three-dimensional paper creations, puppetry, and making mobiles. They include photography, cooking, flower arrangement - any activity in which self-expression bursts forth.

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5 Reasons to Participate in Theatre

If you have a child with a flair for the dramatic who loves to sing and dance or who wants to be part of a team without playing sports, theatre may be the answer for your child. Participating in theatre can expose kids to music, arts, culture, teamwork, and more.

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10 Reasons to Encourage Kids to Participate in Theatre

Parents know that some of their kids are more dramatic than others, so why not give your emotionally-expressive students an outlet by getting them involved in theatre? You likely already know if a child has a flair for the theatrical, and educational programs can offer kids benefits that are life-changing. When kids invest in drama education, it will exponentially enrich their lives in return. Theatre is an excellent creative outlet for multi-talented children as well as for kids who are unsure about their abilities.

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The Benefits of Performing Arts for Children

The benefits of participating in performing arts programs are valuable and numerous. Some benefits include emotional, social, physical, and even academic. Further, according to David Murphey, Research Fellow and Director of The Child Trends Databank, participation in performing arts programs is related to various positive personal and academic outcomes, improving child development as a whole, enhancing cognitive, motor, and social skills.

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