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Packing for Camp: It’s About More Than Socks and Underwear

“Mom, you forgot to pack extra socks,” says my 10-year-old son accusingly. We have just picked him up after a week at camp. Socks, I muse, mentally searching through the gear I had packed over a week ago. I remembered making an extra trip to the store for the hiking socks requested on the camp list. Had I not packed them?  “Do you mean the hiking socks?” I inquire.

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How to Make Your Food-Allergic Kid a Happy Camper

Attending summer day camp is often a rite of passage for kids. But when you have a child with life-threatening food allergies, camp is more complicated than filling out forms and dropping your kid off each morning. But with planning, cooperation and communication, day camp can be a great experience for food-allergic children.

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Kid to Kid Advice from Seasoned Campers

When we were kids, summer camp meant something different to us than it does to our children. For us, camp meant camp: cabins or tents, canoeing, hiking, singing songs around a campfire and general camaraderie. Children today are much more active, much more schedule-oriented and generally just busier. Consequently, the very dynamics of summer camp have changed. Camps offered now are much more focused and detail-oriented. There’s soccer camp, art camp, violin camp, space camp, leadership camp, palaeontology camp, etc.

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Summer Camp 101 - Making the Most of Summer

Summer camp offers all kinds of fun and character-building experiences for kids of any  age. Whether you’re looking for a few hours of entertainment or weeks of intentional  skill-building for your child, you can find it at camp.

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