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Up-and-Coming Kitchen Trends

A renovation is a big investment and making the right choices can often be paralyzing. How do you know your selections will stand the test of time while at the same time meeting today’s rapidly changing trends? I recently attended Interzum in Cologne, Germany, one of the world’s leading trade fairs for interior design, where I saw some of the latest up-and-coming trends. Here are some of my takeaways.

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Do I need a Building Permit for my Home Renovation?

You dream of removing a wall in your kitchen to redesign a beautiful room with space for cooking and entertaining, but do you need a building permit? Your living room gets dark in the afternoon so you’re considering hiring a contractor to add another window, but do you need a permit. If so, who’s responsible for getting one? What about building a deck in your backyard? Often, a building permit is required when a renovation changes the structure of a home. Here’s what you need to know about permits before you get started on your own renovation.

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Renovating by the Numbers - How to Set and Stick to a Budget

While creating a renovation budget isn’t rocket science, it does require skill, knowledge, and flexibility. Ensuring the task list is checked off (known as labour) and making sure the functional design is pretty (known as sourcing) are essential to a successful, on-budget renovation. While it is common for first-time renovators not to have a good grasp on what things cost, they usually do have a very good idea on the investment they wish to make in their home. It’s important to make sure the design plan falls in line with the desired investment!

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Organizing Your Child's Closet

The start of a new year, and the beginning of a new season, often make me think about organizing. Two of my favorite places to start are my children’s playroom and their closets. Once these are finished, my life seems to be in much better order, and our morning routine seems to go much smoother. After our morning routines were running smoothly, it was then that I decided to share a few of my closet organizing tips that have become a way of life for my family now.

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