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Goodie Bags that Really are a Treat

Party goodie bags - some parents love to put them together and other parents... not so much. I’m one of those people that love putting them together, and I get so excited when I come up with the perfect treat to send the kids home with. Packing goodie bags can be tricky, though, so I understand why some parents want to avoid that part of the party planning.

When you have various ages of children at a party, it can be tough to find a goodie bag treat that’s suitable for all ages. Most kids can’t turn down candy - but then that gets complicated with food allergies to worry about.

Here are some creative goodie bag ideas that you could consider for your next event:

Candy buffet - Setting out vases of candy and letting kids fill up their treat boxes to take home is one of the most popular goodie bag ideas these days. Where this gets tough is when you have a little guest with a food allergy. No one wants to be left out of the party excitement! One way to avoid leaving someone out is by skipping the bulk candy aisle altogether and going for pre-packaged treats that are nut-free instead (or free of anything else your guests are allergic to). If you still want the vases filled with a large variety of candy from the bulk candy aisle, be sure to pack special treat boxes for the kids that aren’t able to dig into the other treats.

Homemade treats - Does your child have a favorite cookie recipe? Do they love baking? You could work together to make homemade treats to send home with your guests. For the children with allergies, your best bet is to buy pre-packaged treats for them. As a parent of a child with a severe allergy, I know that I never take the risk of letting my child have a homemade treat unless it is something I made myself.

Gift cards - How much do you typically spend on each goodie bag? Rather than filling a goodie bag with little toys that may end up getting tossed out, you could give each child a small gift card for places like your child’s favorite fast food restaurant or the movie theatre.

DIY party favor - A fun idea is to plan an activity where the kids make something that they get to take home. If you have a garden party, each child could paint their own flower pot. If you have a Hawaiian party, each child could take home a homemade lei. If you have a superhero party, each guest could make their own superhero cape. There are so many creative ideas for party activities that can turn into party favors.

Theme-specific - Rather than buying generic party favors, try thinking of something that is specific to your theme. If you have a construction party, each guest could be sent home with a small toy truck loaded with candy rocks. If your party is based on a popular character, maybe there are small children’s books on that character that could be given as a favor. For a rock star or dance-themed party, the favors could be iTunes gift cards. The best party favors usually aren’t found in the party favor aisle at all.

I always find that brainstorming is the best way to come up with creative and original ideas. Start by writing your theme on the centre of a piece of paper and then start jotting down all of the words that come to mind when you think of that theme. You may be surprised at the creative goodie bag ideas that pop into your head!

Cheryl is a married mother of one. She is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) with a strong interest in parties and event planning. She is the owner and writer for Moms & Munchkins (, which is filled with ideas for family fun, activities for kids, party ideas, party planning tips, holiday fun, moms’ night out ideas and more.

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