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Award-Winning Performance! Actor’s Academy Birthday Party

This is a theme perfect for either gender and is easily adaptable for different age groups. There certainly isn’t a shortage of activity and decorating ideas for this party theme!


The idea for this party theme is that your child’s friends are being invited to the most exclusive actor’s academy in the country! This invitation style is completely different than anything you’ve ever seen for a birthday party because it is written like a college acceptance letter.

Each party guest will receive an acceptance letter to the actor’s academy that advises them of the date and time to check into Student Services for their official orientation. You can also include a printable themed seal on the envelope that indicates that this letter is a birthday invitation. The printable party set includes a realistic academy logo and ‘official’ academy letterhead.


Since this party is set in a college-style theme, there are many creative ways you can decorate. The front door could include your academy’s logo welcoming the students. The little guests can check in with Student Services to receive their student ID tag.

Black tablecloths can be used around the party area and sprinkled with gold star confetti. My favorite part of the décor of this Actor’s Academy birthday is the theatre marquee sign as a backdrop for the party table. The marquee sign can be printed on poster-sized paper at your local print shop.

You can also add on small yellow plastic pom-poms as ‘light bulbs’ around the marquee sign. It can feature the birthday boy’s or girl’s name along with the co-stars - all of the little party guests!


For those of you who have attended any sort of post-secondary education, you know that it is filled with informational sessions and work experience. This actor’s academy is no different... except that you won’t see any hesitation to do these work assignments!

Stunt double training - To help get the kids warmed up, start with an energetic training session for stunt doubles. This could include safety cones, hula hoops, soccer balls, skipping ropes, etc., set up in a fun obstacle course.

Hair and makeup - After the kids have jumped and crawled around during stunt double training, it’s time to head over to hair and makeup to prepare for the more glamorous side of acting. Have you seen the black director style chairs on movie sets? You can easily make each child their own chair by using a black foldable chair and a black sign with their name in white print. The hair and makeup area can include things like temporary tattoos, feather boas, oversized sunglasses, Halloween makeup for the kids that want scary looks, hair elastics, mirrors, etc.

Drama charades - Before the party, create small strips of paper that each have a single dramatic charade written on them. This could include things like “cheering because you won the lottery”; “crying because you lost your hamster”; “screaming after being scared by a ghost”; “running from a zombie”; etc. Don’t worry about being too silly - the kids will love it!

Quiet on the set - Now it’s time to put those acting skills to use in some product commercials. Fill a box with various small products around your house like toothpaste, shampoo, cereal, garbage bags, etc. Have each child take a turn closing their eyes and choosing a product from a covered box. This is the product that they’ll have to present in a commercial. Give the kids a couple of minutes to think about what they want to say in their commercials.

You can set up a video camera to record each child as they present their commercial for the rest of the viewers. Remember to encourage the viewers to shout, “Quiet on the set!” as each child comes up to do their commercial. You can also use a movie clapper board to shout, “Take one!” before each scene.

Choreography - In today’s movies, you never know when the characters will burst into a choreographed dance number, so it’s always great to be prepared with a few special dance moves. For this activity, simply put on some music and let each child take a turn making up a dance move for the rest of the party guests to imitate.

Hollywood Walk of Fame - After completing all of their special training, each of the children can create their own gold star for the ‘Walk of Fame.’ Have them hand these into you after they are complete so you can use them for the grand finale.

Movie premiere - After all of the fun and energetic activities, the kids can unwind by watching a movie with some delicious concession-style treats. If you recorded the commercials from the earlier activities, you could also set this up for the kids to watch on the ‘big screen’ television.


Concession-style treats are perfect for this party theme. Your concession stand can include items such as:

Popcorn and flavored salts
Pop bottles with printable labels that match the party theme
Chocolate coated candies
Gummy bears
Nachos and cheese
Cupcakes with printable cupcake circles in your party theme or gold star cupcake toppers


As the children are watching their movie, you can set up a special red carpet area that includes all of their special stars for the Hollywood Walk of Fame and paparazzi caution tape. This could include an area for paparazzi to take pictures that you can use later in thank-you cards. The kids can then each take their star home.

The favor bags can include a personalized certificate from the actor’s academy, a small trophy, candies like pop rocks, rock candy and even some small samples of the products you used in the commercial activity (mini boxes of the featured cereal, etc.).

Cheryl is a married mother of one. She is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) with a strong interest in parties and event planning. She is the owner and writer for Moms & Munchkins (, which is filled with ideas for family fun, activities for kids, party ideas, party planning tips, holiday fun, moms’ night out ideas and more.

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