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Reality TV Star Party

I don’t watch a lot of television but when I do, it’s usually a reality TV show. I always get hooked on ‘the most dramatic rose ceremony in the history of The Bachelor and I drool over The Food Channels recipes. A fun idea for a party that could be modified for any age group is: ‘Do You Have What it Takes to be a Reality TV Star?’ Can you decorate a cupcake that leaves the party guests in awe? Can you get through an obstacle course faster than a monkey? Do your karaoke solos get standing ovations? Then you may have what it takes to be a reality TV star!

For this party, think about the reality shows that your birthday boy or girl enjoys and plan silly activities around those shows. This could include cooking shows, dating shows, high-energy obstacle courses, trivia shows and more. For this party, I went with some of the reality TV shows that I’m familiar with (shows more for adults than children), but they can be all easily adapted for a younger crowd.


A fun idea that the guests are sure to remember is a reality TV tryout invitation. This will leave them both excited and a little nervous about the activities ahead. Do they have what it takes to be a reality TV star? At the party, you can put them to the test!


For this party, I went with a ‘lights, camera, action’ type of setup with spotlights, gold, black and stars. An easy way to add color behind your party table is by using wrapping paper. You can use the favorite colors of your birthday girl or boy in the party and add a little ‘bling’ to everything. Everything is better with sparkle, right? Especially when you’re auditioning for Hollywood!


My favorite part of any party - besides the cake, of course - is the games and there are so many fun ideas for this theme! Think of the shows your guest of honor likes and plan some games involving those shows.

Here are some examples:

The Amazing Race: Find a YouTube video of traditional dancing from another culture and have your guests try to master the moves.

- American Idol: Karaoke time!

- So You Think You Can Dance: Host a dance party for the kids and let them each have a turn in
the spotlight.

- Wipeout: Set up an obstacle course with tunnels to crawl through, ropes to climb under, water balloons to dodge, etc.

- Project Runway: Split into teams and use crepe paper, ribbon, tissue paper and more to design the latest fashion craze.

- Americas Got Talent: Host a talent show where guests make up the silliest special hidden talents.

- Cupcake Wars: Set out cupcakes, sprinkles, icing, chocolate molds and more, and let your little chefs decorate cupcakes.

- Minute To Win It: If you google ‘Minute To Win It Games,’ you’re sure to find plenty of ideas.


I love themed-food ideas and the possibilities are endless with a reality star theme.

Here are some fun ideas that are easy to put together:

- Survivor snack: gummy worms or trail mix

- The Bachelor: rose ceremony cupcakes

- Millionaire Matchmaker: perfect pears crisp

- The Amazing Race: international appetizers

- The Apprentice: fired s’mores

- Top Chef: appetizer sampler tray

- The Biggest Loser: vegetable tray

The key to this party theme is creativity coupled with a wild imagination. The sky’s the limit here so get out that paper and start brainstorming the silliest ideas that come to mind! Silly is always more fun, right?

Cheryl is a married mother of one. She is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) with a strong interest in parties and event planning. She is the owner and writer for Moms & Munchkins (, which is filled with ideas for family fun, activities for kids, party ideas, party planning tips, holiday fun, moms’ night out ideas and more. 

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