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Dr. Seuss Party!

If there’s one author that both kids and adults love, it’s Dr. Seuss! Many of us grew up reading his stories, and now we’re reading them to our kids. There are so many funny characters and silly words that you can easily turn into colorful party decorations, party food, and games kids will love. To brainstorm ideas for this party, I spent some time at the library with my son reading several Dr. Seuss books and by the time we went home, my notebook was filled with ideas.

Party decorations

Dr. Seuss books are filled with bright, cheerful colors, so the possibilities for party decorations are endless. For this party, I mainly stuck to the classic red, blue, and white, mixing in red and white stripes, feather boas, paper fans, and more.

Remember Whoville? You could turn your party space into Whoville with a “Welcome to Whoville” sign and decorate the area with homemade Trufulla Trees as featured in The Lorax. To create the yellow and black bark for the trees, you could use yellow pool noodles and a black permanent marker. For the tops of the trees, I used feather boas. I attached this all to my party backdrop with lots of heavy-duty tape.

Party food

For the party menu, you can get so creative with characters and foods mentioned in the books.

Some fun and delicious ideas include:

  • Green Eggs and Ham (from Green Eggs and Ham) - Deviled eggs with green yolks and cubes of ham on appetizer sticks

  • Wocket Pita Pockets (from Theres a Wocket in my Pocket) - Mini pita pockets filled with pizza toppings like tomato sauce, pepperoni, and cheese

  • Circus McGurkus Popcorn (from If I Ran the Circus) - A variety of flavored popcorn

  • The King’s Stilts (from The Kings Stilts) - Jumbo pretzel sticks dipped in chocolate and rolled in sprinkles

  • One Treat, Two Treats, Red Treats, Blue Treats (from One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish) - Blue and red treats like jello or mini cupcakes, plus treats in mini paper cups for the one treat (one treat in each cup) and two treats (two treats in each cup)

  • Thidwick Chocolate Mousse (from Thidwick, The Big-Hearted Moose) - You can find prepared mousse in the cooler section of your local grocery store

  • Daisy-Head Mayzie Cookies (from Daisy-Head Mayzie) - Daisy-shaped and decorated cookies

  • Doodle Delight (from Please Try to Remember

Party games

Some ideas include:

  • Turn Hop on Pop into a trampoline game or a game where kids have to sit on balloons to pop them.

  • From One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish, create a fishing game in your basement, back yard, or at your local park with a kid-sized pool (adult supervision at all times) and play a magnet fishing game.

  • Make your own obstacle course in your back yard or basement or at a local park with fun challenges for the kids, incorporating different characters and scenes from the books. 

Party favors

  • The easiest favor idea for this party theme is to send each child home with a Dr. Seuss book. 

  • You could also set up a candy bar that matches the colors of your party (red, white, and blue) with red and white striped lollipops, gummy candy, etc. 

  • For party favors, I always prefer something you know the kids will use - and you know they’d all love a classic Dr. Seuss book to read at home!

I hope your next party is filled with laughter and great memories!

Cheryl is a married mother of one. She is the owner and writer for Moms & Munchkins,, which is filled with ideas for family fun, activities for kids, party ideas, party planning tips, holiday fun, moms’ night out ideas and more. 

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