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Celebrating Your Baby's First Birthday

The financial and emotional stress of hosting a baby’s first birthday party may take a toll on parents hoping to celebrate their child’s birthday and reminisce about the wonderful journey their baby has taken them on during the past year. From balancing guest lists to planning the menu to choosing a theme and finding the perfect outfit for your child to smear cake on, a child’s first birthday party leaves many parents feelings as though they’re planning a wedding reception. 

Having a few tools to prevent stress, reduce chaos, and allow for you to have time to join in the celebration will be beneficial as you prepare to celebrate your baby’s first birthday. Armed with tips tested and tried by fellow parents and your heartfelt desire to joyfully revel in your child’s first birthday, you will ensure your baby, family, and guests all enjoy a terrific day!

1. Set the precedence. Consider putting a memorable touch on the day. Allow yourself some time before your baby’s birthday to reflect on what special and personal touches you’d like to add, not only for their first birthday, but for traditions associated with their future birthdays that they will grow to love and cherish.

2. Keep it simple. After hosting a large, tiring
gala for her daughter’s first birthday party, Lisa Santoro realized that a smaller and simpler event would have been just as special for her daughter: “She cried the whole
day and wouldn’t have known the difference between
a huge party or a few family members and friends,” she says. Before planning an elaborate party, consider the demeanor and personality of the guest of honor. Many parents find that a small celebration with cake and ice cream shared with family and a few close friends at home generates wonderfully warm memories and reduces
the chance that your baby will be overwhelmed by a huge gathering.

3. Expect the unexpected. From uninvited guests to your child wildly crying while being serenaded “Happy Birthday,” expecting a glitch or a surprise will eliminate a great deal of pressure to plan the perfect day. Relinquishing some of the control over small details to others - such as setting the table or arranging the balloons - will allow you more time to enjoy the day and the ability to laugh at small flaws that only you notice.

4. Party-proof your house. By the time your baby is a year old, it is understandable to feel confident that you’ve successfully baby-proofed your home. Just as child-proof cabinet locks and safety gates are vital safety measures to protect your child, making sure that your antique vase or new sofa are birthday party proofed will prevent an embarrassing or upsetting accident. Take a minute to survey the area where you’ll be hosting the party. Removing fragile or sentimental objects will offer you peace of mind.

5. Ask for a response. In her book, Hit of the Party, author Amy Vangsgard suggests asking potential partygoers to respond to your invitation, and to confirm their attendance two to three days before the party. This step will help you finalize food and beverage preparations
and plan for any potential food allergies or special needs your guests may have.

6. If suitable, let your guests know what you want. Well-wishing family members and friends often ask for suggestions for birthday party gifts. “If asked, parents should not feel awkward offering gift suggestions,” says Personal Shopper and Retail Manager Aimee Graddick. “I’ve assisted so many clients struggling to purchase gifts for young children. Nearly everyone has expressed their frustration in not knowing what to choose.” Knowing your baby’s correct sizes, items you already own or that you’ve started a post-secondary fund will ensure your guests can proudly bestow the perfect gift on your birthday baby, if everyone agrees on this arrangement.

7. Accept help. Greeting all of your guests while serving food and beverages can be tough to juggle
while you’re attempting to enjoy your baby’s big day. If someone offers to cut the cake, record your baby or snap some extra pics, or offers to refill the coffee pot, accept their invitation to lend a helping hand. You’ll make your guests feel comfortable, and they will be contributing to your child’s special day.

8. Prepare for your guests. Knowing in advance
if a guest is allergic to cats or nuts or dairy or afraid of clowns will help your family and guests fully enjoy the party. Professional birthday party planner and entertainer Ross MacRae strongly recommends including your plans for entertainment and/or the food that’s being served
in your invitations. “This will give a parent the chance
to advise you of their child’s needs before hand and hopefully avoid fear and tears,” says MacRae.

9. Enjoy yourself. “I can hardly remember my children’s first birthday parties; they’re a blur,” says mom of four Donna Turner-Crabb. Wearing the hats of hostesse, mother, family member, friend, etc., hardly creates pockets of time for parents of the birthday baby to sneak a morsel of food in let alone enjoy their child, guests, and the day’s momentous occasion. By stepping out of some of the many roles you’ll play at your child’s party, and into the role of party celebrant, you’ll be able to snap pics with your birthday star, sample the food you painstakingly selected, and appreciate the success of your efforts.

10. Savor the moment. Before cleaning up
after the celebration, take a moment to salvage a few mementos from the day. Saving a birthday decoration or goodie bag from the day creates the foundation for a birthday time capsule. Adding a few tokens from each party, your child will have a beautiful keepsake you’ve lovingly stored in a box, bin, or can.

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