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Choosing a Birthday Party Theme

I love everything to do with parties! For me, the planning process is almost as fun as the party itself. With every party I plan, my first step is always deciding on a theme. Once I’ve chosen the theme, the ideas start pouring in. To choose the right party theme for your child, think about their interests. Do they have a favorite movie, a favorite place to play, or a favorite movie or book character? Here are some questions to ask yourself when brainstorming theme ideas for birthday parties.

Theme ideas for birthday parties

Does your child have a favorite movie?
Plan your party theme around that movie or even go to the theatre for a private screening of the movie. Many theatres will let you bring in your own movie for a private screening party (during the less busy times of day).

Does your child have a favorite character? Theme the party around the show or book that character appears in. Planning a party theme around a character is really easy because you’ll have so many fun ideas to work with. Also, are there party entertainers in your area that dress up as this character? Think of the look on your child’s face if Spider-Man, for example, made a personal appearance at the party!

Where does your child like to go? Does your child love going to the zoo or lending a helping hand at an animal shelter? Does your child always beg to go to an indoor playground, recreation or rock-climbing centre, go bowling, play laser tag, etc.? There are so many options to choose from! Most of these locations have many packages and ideas for birthday parties.

Does your child have a hobby? If your child likes to paint, for example, arrange a group lesson at a pottery painting studio.

Does your child have a favorite animal? Your party décor, food, and activities could represent this animal. If your child loves dinosaurs, have a Dino Buffet with two separate sides: one for the herbivores and one for the carnivores. Thinking of ideas for birthday parties is easy once you’ve settled on a theme.

Does your child have a favorite sport? Your party could be themed around this sport and maybe even held on a small sports field during warmer weather. One of the great things about a sport-themed party is that it makes activity-planning easy.

Have you taken a family vacation that your child can’t stop talking about? You could recreate the destination (Hawaii, Disneyland, the beach, etc.) into a party theme.

Does your child have a favorite holiday (Easter, Christmas, etc.)? There’s no reason why you couldn’t have an egg hunt or gingerbread house-making activity for a birthday party.

What does your child want to be when they grow up? Firefighter? Astronaut? School Teacher? Scientist? Their dream job could be a really fun party idea.

I hope these theme ideas for birthday parties help you choose a fun theme for your child.

Cheryl is a married mother of one. She is the owner and writer for Moms & Munchkins,, where you’ll find activity and party-planning inspiration for all ages. Check out party ideas, free printables, activities for family fun, and more!




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