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Beyond Bonbons & Bouquets - 135 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Here’s the conundrum. Each year in May, mom gets her very own celebration day. But isn’t mom the person who usually does most of the gift shopping the rest of the year? So let’s admit it, folks, when it comes to finding the perfect gift for mom, sometimes, family members come up empty on fresh ideas. Heck, even mom herself often feels stumped when pressed for gift ideas. But thanks to this gift checklist, you can help your loved ones brainstorm gifts mom will be sure to love.

This list of gift suggestions is organized by mom types, because, after all, most moms have specific passions and attitudes that make us who we are. Shoppers with this list in hand can use mom’s enthusiasms to hone in on the perfect Mother’s Day gift ideas, while enjoying an exercise in thoughtfulness. To make shopping for mom even more fun, combine gifts from different categories to pull together a custom gift basket perfectly suited for mom’s tastes. After all, no two moms are exactly alike. Happy shopping! Have fun brainstorming gift ideas for mom!

Bookish mom

• e-Reader
• Bookseller gift card
• e-Book gift card
• Book light
• Audio book club subscription

Socialite mom

• Bulletin board, calendar, white board combo
• Large, colorful tote bag
• Movie star sunglasses
• Address book
• Lifestyle magazine subscription

Fitness mom

• Exercise DVDs
• Running store gift card
• Sporty headphones
• Water bottle
• Jump rope

Zen mom

• Yoga mat
• Desktop Zen garden
• Yoga class gift certificate
• Tea pot with tea cups
• Green tea assortment

Writer mom

• Mom writer book or e-Book
• Fancy pen or assortment of pens
• Notepads or journal
• Hip laptop bag
• Writing magazine subscription

Stylish mom

• Jewelry holder
• Lipstick/lip gloss tote
• Scarf rack
• Sparkly keychain
• Fashion magazine subscription

‘Green’ mom

• Thrift store gift card
• Solar-powered watch
• Composter
• Reusable shopping bags in various sizes

Frualista mom

• New wallet
• Assortment of coupon clipping cutters
• Storage container to hold coupon cutters
• Cutting mat
• Couponing strategies book or e-Book

Work-away-from-home mom

• Smart shoulder bag
• Scheduling apps for smart phone
• Housecleaning service
• Pretty makeup bag
• Working mom magazine

Gardening mom

• Garden tool storage cart
• Watering can
• Garden clogs
• Kneeling pad
• Seed packets or plant starts

Funny mom

• Joke of the day calendar
• DVD of favorite humorous movie or TV show
• How to be funny book or e-Book
• Signed celebrity photo of favorite comedian
• Tickets to a comedy show

Work-at-home mom

• Desktop organizer
• Picture frames
• Magazine holder
• Stylish hook racks for charge cords
• Work-at-home magazine subscription

Movie mom

• Popcorn maker or microwave popcorn assortment
• Favorite movie theatre drink assortment
• Movie storage rack
• Pre-purchased movie tickets
• Entertainment magazine subscription

Foodie mom

• Favorite restaurant gift certificate
• Assortment of favorite condiments
• Food item of the month club
• Food magazine subscription
• Gourmet food store gift card

Inspired mom

• Inspirational thought for the day calendar
• Tear-jerker memoir or autobiography book or e-Book
• Seasonally scented candles
• Photo posters with inspiring thoughts
• Uplifting statuette or figurine

Techno mom

• Electronics charging station
• Music/books/apps gift card
• Smart phone portable keyboard
• Gadget sleeves or cases
• Tickets to local science and industry museum

Artsy mom

• Umbrella from a museum store
• Biography of favorite artist
• Tickets to a gallery exhibit
• Art supplies of her own
• Small prints of her favorite artwork

Type-A mom

• Gift card to home organizing store
• Checklist pads
• Purse organizer
• Designer sticky notes
• Organized living magazine subscription

Sporty mom

• Baseball hat
• Portable snack/drink cooler
• Tickets to a game
• Fashionable sweat suit
• Bleacher seat cushion

Chef mom

• Cooking class
• Cooking magazine subscription
• Cooking tools in a vase with a bow
• Cooking store gift card
• Vintage cookbooks

Hip mom

• Gift certificate to a retro boutique
• Funky socks
• Subscription to a local ‘zine
• New specs with artful frames
• Tickets to local indie band concert

Decorator mom

• Gift card to her favorite antique or décor store
• Décor magazine subscription
• Interior design color wheel
• Portable tape measure
• Binders with sheet protectors for idea clippings

Thoughtful mom

• Monogrammed thank-you notes
• Beautiful kitchen apron
• Floral air freshener spray
• Potpourri in favorite scent
• Lavender drawer sachets

Traveler mom

• Gift card to local international store
• Passport holder
• Neck pillow, eye-mask and ear plugs
• Stylish luggage
• Travel magazine subscription

Caffeinated mom

• Coffee making tools
• Stylish and colorful mugs
• Black tea assortment
• Chocolate covered coffee beans
• Coffee shop gift card

Crafty mom

• Craft tote bag or rolling case
• Sketch pad to plan future projects
• How-to book or e-Book on favorite craft
• Table top craft tool sorter
• Craft magazine subscription

Whole living mom

• Gift card to a natural foods store
• Organic chocolates or bakery items
• Purely made lotions or body butters
• Whole living magazine subscription
• Essential oils in preferred scents

Christina is a writer mom, a fitness mom, a gardening mom, a movie mom, a foodie mom, an inspired mom and a decorator mom. Her latest book is The Writer’s Workout from Writer’s Digest Books.

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