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A Day for Dad: Make This Father’s Day One to Remember

Fathers play a significant part in children’s lives. They influence children’s self-esteem and school performance, are important role models and among other meaningful roles, make fun-loving playmates. Father’s Day is just around the corner so don’t be caught scrambling for the perfect way to show you care.

Try some of these ideas, and make it a special day just for dad that both of you will enjoy:

Video surprise - Make a ‘World’s Best Dad’ video that he’ll treasure for years to come. Put on your brainstorming cap for your own ideas, or try some of these. Hit ‘Record’ and share special memories of your dad, sing to him, read him a poem or do some skits. Get the whole family involved and conduct interviews with each other with dad as the main topic. Don’t forget your props such as a banner or a collection of his prized possessions including sports trophies or equipment that tell the story of who he is. Finally, be sure to let him know just how much he means to you.

King for the day - It isn’t every day that dad is waited on hand and foot. Offer to be his loyal servant for the day, and bring him coffee and toast in bed; lay out his clothes, bath towel and mat; be host or hostess and serve him beverages and snacks; clean up after him for the day and anything else to give him the royal treatment.

Memories of dad - Purchase a scrapbook and create a record of memories about your father and you. Include photos of special outings, events and holidays you’ve had together and other memorabilia from family vacations and activities such as concert or sporting event ticket stubs, postcards and brochures. Next to each photo or item, describe your memories of those times together with your father.

A man to remember - Get your creative juices flowing, and write a poem for your dad. You don’t need to be a poet to come up with a few thoughtful words to say about how much he means to you. Describe the impact he’s had on your life, how he’s helped you to become the person you are today and what he is to you. Then print it on stationary and matte and frame it.

Musical moment - Take your father to see his favorite band or performing artist, enjoy a jazz or blues festival or pack up some lawn chairs, and enjoy a local concert-in-the-park.

Togetherness takes two - Has your dad been putting off the dreaded task of cleaning out the attic, basement or garage? Give him a gift of shelving materials and brackets, wall racks and ceiling hooks, and storage crates. Then spend the day helping him get the space organized while catching up on old times.

World’s Greatest - Let dad know that he’s the greatest 365 days a year! Give him a ‘World’s Greatest Dad’ coffee mug, T-shirt, book cover, book marker, wallet card or other trinket that he’ll see or use regularly.

Sports buff’s surprise - Take your dad for a sporting good time. Play a game of golf, tennis or basketball, go fishing or enjoy a paddle around a lake. If being a spectator is his thing, purchase tickets to his favorite sporting event.

Weekend getaway - Get in touch with nature and each other on a camping trip for two. Either rough it in a tent or rent a mini cabin and spend your weekend together enjoying nature hikes, sightseeing, fishing, boating, playing cards and taking it easy.

Father’s Day feast - As the old adage goes: ‘The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.’ Treat dad to a mouth-watering meal on the barbeque. Fix him his favorites: steak, ribs, chicken, burgers or chops for starters, and don’t forget the grilled potatoes or squash, garlic bread or rolls, fresh green beans or asparagus, sweet corn, potato salad and last but not least, his favorite dessert.

Treat him like a king - What better way to show your appreciation for all his hard work than to indulge him? Give your father a gift certificate for a professional massage, which will be sure to please him.

Just the two of us - Put together a photo collage of you and your father. There are many ways to do this. Find instructions at your nearby craft store and create a Decoupage photo collage. Keep it simple with a multi-photo frame, or purchase a unique 3D photo collage frame, which can be found through a number of online stores.

Take a stroll - Enjoy a peaceful walk together in a park or through the countryside. Better yet, gather your bikes or roller blades, hit a scenic bike path and enjoy the warm breeze.

Certificates of appreciation - Show dad you appreciate his hard work by returning the favor. Make coupons that say: “In appreciation for all that you do, dad, please redeem this certificate for a hassle-free car wash by me!” Other favors include sweeping out the garage, mowing the lawn or any other task for which he normally takes responsibility.

Catch a flick… or two - Treat your dad to a movie fest. Rent a couple newly released flicks or some of his longtime favorites, or head to a cinema for a double feature. Whether you take the movies in at home or at the theatre, don’t forget the hot buttered popcorn, candy and soft drinks.

Get in touch with his soft side

Give your dad a book of poetry specially written for fathers. 

Try one of these:

Fathers: A Collection of Poems by David Ray and Judy Ray

To My Father With Love: A New Collection of Poems by Susan Polis Schultz

Thoughts to Share With a Wonderful Father: A Collection of Poems by Blue Mountain Arts Collections

A gift of giving - Does your dad have a favorite cause or charity? If so, why not give him a membership or make a donation in his name? Remember that small donations add up and are always appreciated.

Kimberly is an author and freelance writer. Her articles have appeared in more than 200 newspapers, parenting and women’s magazines, and other publications throughout the US. 


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