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Holiday Shopping Survival Tips


Holiday shopping is hectic at the best of times, but add a couple of unenthusiastic kids to the mix and you’ve got the potential for one huge headache. But with a little patience, and planning ahead, shopping for holidays can be a little less frenzied.


  • Make a shopping list and set an itinerary of which stores you want to visit before you go.
  • Set a reasonable length of time for your shopping trip and try to schedule during your child’s best part of the day.
  • Be sure to go over expectations of behavior before you leave – even if you’ve gone over them a million times before.
  • Involve your kids and let them help plan part of the shopping trip, maybe they ‘d like to include a visit to the pet store at the mall, or stop at a play place for a snack. (Set a time limit)
  • Letting them shop for a special gift for a family member will help them feel involved. The dollar store works well for this.
  • Don’t forget to plan regular breaks during the shopping trip, pack along a special snack or make a plan to stop for lunch.


Remember to keep a positive attitude and approach the excursion as a special date and not an ordeal. Looking at the trip from their perspective and planning for their needs will help you all get through the outing a little less frenzied. And if all else fails, find a friend to trade child care with and let the marathon begin.

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