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Get in Gear For Fall

Fall - time for families to shift gears along with the weather from outdoor activities such as biking, blading and baseball to indoor sports like hockey, ringette, basketball and soccer. For many families back to school shopping not only means stocking up on school supplies, but also on the latest and greatest sporting equipment for a new season of sports.

For equipment intensive sports like hockey and ringette, it is essential to know your child's equipment needs before heading off to registration or a sporting goods store. Having a checklist will help in determining your child's equipment needs, the amount of money you plan to spend and where you can get the best value.

You can save money by purchasing quality used equipment and by trading in last year's outgrown equipment. Check out a store that accepts quality used equipment on trade-in's or consignment - it's a great way to cut costs before the season begins. Having a checklist will save you time in getting your children the equipment they need before the fun starts.

Hockey/Ringette Checklist
  • Helmet CSA Approved
  • Cage or Visor * for Ringette you will need a Ringette Certified Face Mask
  • Neck Guard BNQ Certified
  • Shoulder Pads
  • Elbow Pads
  • Pants or Girdle and Shell
  • Suspenders
  • Shin Pads and Straps
  • Athletic Supports (Jocks and Jills)
  • Garter Belt
  • Hockey Socks
  • Practice Jersey (Game Jersey's are usually supplied)
  • Hockey Gloves
  • Ice Skates (make sure of a good fit, your player will perform better and learn faster and easier with skates that fit properly)
  • Hockey Bag and Equipment Deodorizer (these go hand in hand!)
  • Hockey Stick or Ringette Stick
  • Tape • Laces
  • Skate Guards
  • Protect Toe
  • Lace Tightener
  • Stick Wax (Hockey Only)
  • Water Bottles
  • Mouth Guard (Mandatory for Pee Wee Division 5 and up *All Contact Divisions)
  • Anti-Fog Cleaner
  • Honing Stone
Soccer Checklist
  • Indoor Soccer Shoes - these have smooth non marking soles
  • Outdoor Soccer Shoes - these have cleats for outdoor traction
  • Shin Guards - make sure these do not interfere at knee level,many shin guards now include ankle support and padding
  • Jerseys and Socks - For Practice it is a good idea to pick up socks and a practice jersey. The team usually supplies team jerseys and socks.
Basketball Checklist
  • Indoor Court/Basketball Shoes - also have non marking soles
  • Socks - general athletic socks
  • Jerseys - generally supplied by the team.

So whether your family chooses new or quality used equipment this fall, the most important aspect to remember is to purchase equipment that fits properly this year, not next year when he/she grows into it. Organized sports are a great way for children to make new relationships while enjoying the benefits of being both a team player and team leader.

Financial Assistance

If you know of a child who may need financial assistance for equipment and/or registration fees, you can contact KidSport Calgary to determine their eligibility for a grant.

Association Contact List

Minor Hockey Calgary
Phone: 245.5773

Calgary Minor Soccer Association
Phone: .279.8686

Ringette Calgary
Phone: .291.1949

Calgary Soccer Centre
Phone: 279-8453

Calgary Minor Basketball Association
Phone: 235.4648

KidSport Calgary

Phone: 202.0251



Leah is the marketing manager for Sport Swap. For more information, she can be reached at 255-4688, ext: 27.

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