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Choosing a Summer Camp - How to Pick One They'll Talk About all Year Long!

Summer camps help children develop new interests, choose a new direction and make lifelong friends. With so many camps to choose from, how does a parent decide which is the right program for their child? The summer camp industry has changed dramatically in the past few years and parents should learn about the different options in order to make a wise choice.

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10 Tips to Help Heal Homesickness

As summer begins, millions of children head to summer camp - eager, excited and...homesick? Research indicates that homesickness is the norm, and not the exception. It is common for campers to feel a tinge of homesickness at some point during the camp session. So, how can parents help? By exercising a little preparation and patience, parents can help ease any homesickness in their otherwise happy campers.

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On the Hunt for a Great Summer Camp?

Before you know it, it’ll be time to pack the sunscreen, swimsuits and bug spray for summer camp. But how do you pick the right camp for your child? What about safety issues? With so many camps to choose from, where do you start? These questions can help.

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Off to Camp! Your Child's First Trip Alone

Question: My child is off to camp on his own. He is scheduled to be traveling as an unaccompanied minor on an airplane. He’s excited, but a little scared too. (I must admit that I am, too!) What can I do to ensure a successful journey?

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