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Ready or Not - How a Residential Camp can Benefit Your Children

What are residential camps? Residential camps, also called overnight camps or sleepaway camps, offer kids the unique opportunity to stay at the camp of their choice for as little as a week or as long as a month or more. Overnight campers are able to stay in-residence with other children their age in cabins or tents under the supervision of older counsellors and remain immersed in their camp experience from the time they arrive to their last day.

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How Camp Helps Children with Special-Needs

Did you know that there are special-needs camps offering a range of services that meet the needs of children with specific physical, emotional, behavioral or medical challenges? Some of these camps focus on children with cancer or other medical conditions; others have programs for children with autism or attention deficit disorder.

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Countdown to Summer Camp

The first time your son or daughter goes to summer camp is a big step - for you and your child. Fortunately, with so many different summer camps from which to choose, you have a better chance to find the best fit. “I think every camp has its own personality,” says Catherine Ross, communications officer with the Canadian Camping Association. “The program, location, the style and philosophy of the director - all can give an idea of the type of camp that’s best for the child.”

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Camp Benefits: Top 5 Life Skills Kids Learn at Camp

To many people, summer camp for kids might appear like nothing more than fun and games. However, a study conducted in the past few years support what camp directors have been saying for decades: Camp is a setting for positive youth development where invaluable life skills are acquired and nurtured.

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