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Happy Campers! Our Checklist will Take you from Camping Rookie to Veteran

Choosing a summer camp for your child can be a daunting task. There are many things to consider and a myriad of camp options to choose from. However, with some careful, advanced preparation, you can ensure that you choose the best camp for your child so that they have a positive experience.

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Homesick Hardships at Camp

Worried about the effects of homesickness on your child’s camp experience this summer? While homesickness isn’t unusual, a proactive approach now can minimize homesickness hardships later. Amy Gragg, a licensed clinical social worker, offers tips to prepare your child for a fun, positive camp experience.

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From Homesick Kid to Happy Camper - Expert Tips for Preparing Your Child (and Yourself) for Overnight Camp

Horseback riding, canoe wars, Frisbee golf, anxiety, loneliness and stomachaches – summer camp can be a bittersweet mix of fun activities and homesick moments. Separation from parents and home is an important developmental milestone for children, but homesickness can put a real damper on a kid’s experience.

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Countdown to Summer Camp

The hard part is over. You’ve picked the place, you’ve picked the dates. Your child is now ready to embark on another life-changing outing to Summer Camp – almost. There are still those pesky details like planning, packing and preparing your child for a week, or two, away from home.

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