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Home School

De-Stressing 101 for Home School Parents

Home schooling is hard work. Yes, it’s a blessing. Yes, we enjoy it. But it is also a difficult job and one that can be extremely stressful if we let it.

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Parent Prep - Glossary of Home Schooling Terms

What is the Difference between Home-Based School and Home-Education? Joining a group of home schooling parents for a playdate with kids and parental conversation can leave a new or prospective home schooler perplexed with the jargon used. Here is a quick guide of definitions so you will know what they are talking about!

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Home School Cool - Technology Fuels a Surge of Interest in Home School

If Mike Beery knows his way around pixels and PhotoShop, it’s no surprise; he’s a seasoned graphic designer. More surprising is the fact that he manages his home-based business alongside a bustling classroom - together with his wife Debi, a nurse, Beery home schools the couple’s two children, Grace, 11, and Gavin, 8.

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The Learning Curve - Is Home School Right for You?

We just started our eighth year of home schooling at my house, and these days I’m teaching four kids while wrangling another. Sure, there are nutty days. But 99 per cent of the time, it just works for us. If the thought of home schooling makes you cringe, definitely don’t undertake it; it’s not for everyone and some kids thrive in a regular school setting. If you’ve been toying with the idea and are wondering if it’s for you, read on for some things to consider while you explore this thing called “home schooling” that’s gaining popularity every year.

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