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Reading Is Magic!

There is something magical and heart-warming about the moment when symbols suddenly crystallize into meaning and your child discovers the magic of reading. This process is not an instantaneous one; it comes about through your careful nurturing, through years of cuddling up to a book, sharing stories, reciting rhymes, reading aloud, and showing your child that reading is fun.

Reading is hard work and progress can be slow and frustrating for young readers.

Here are a few suggestions to help enhance your child’s reading experience...

  • Children learn to read at different ages, so allow your child to start reading when she is ready.
  • Listen to your child read and offer lots of encouragement.
  • Be patient with your young reader — give him a chance to figure out challenging words before offering assistance.
  • Help your child choose books and stories that appeal to her unique interests.
  • Ensure that the language is appropriate to the child’s ability while still stretching his imagination.
  • Select books that have engaging stories with enough illustrations to ease a full page of text.
  • Read to your young reader. Listening to the rhythm of language, your tone of voice and your expressions gives meaning to text and helps improve reading skills.

Calgary Public Library has a wealth of great books and Library staff will gladly help you and your child locate just the right one! A Library is a passport to a world full of wonder and is free for children up to age 12. What better gift could you give your budding young reader? And if winter weather keeps you in, visit us virtually at Our Kids and Teens site has great links that will let you surf around the world from the comfort of home.

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