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Let it Snow, Let it Snow - Lots of FUN Things to do This Winter Holiday for Almost Nothing

1.   Visit the Inglewood Bird Sanctuary 2425 9 Ave SE. Phone 269-8289. Check out the winter wildlife...see the many tracks of the critters living in Calgary.

2.   Cross Country ski at the following golf courses: Confederation Park, Maple Ridge and Shaganappi.

3.   Skate at the Bowness Lagoon, Olympic Plaza or your community ice rink.

4.   Toboggan at your local hill. REMEMBER for safety's sake —WEAR A HELMET!!

5.   Go to the library...check out the programs or surf the internet.

6.   Take a car tour of the festive lights displays.

7.   Go on an evening walking tour beginning at City Hall and up Stephen's Avenue Mall and see light displays.

8.   Check out the night sky...can you find the North Star?

9.   Play cards with a friend.

10. Choose an organization to volunteer at.

11. Shovel your neighbor's sidewalk.

12. Go for a walk at Fish Creek Park.

13. Go swimming.

14. Have a winter picnic at Devonian Gardens.

15. Bake cookies.

16. Build a snow man.

17. Visit the Police Museum.

18. Get tips on skating from a qualified ice instructor on Saturdays and Sundays at Olympic Plaza.

19. Put together a Time Capsule - use an air tight container and write a story about the objects you're including.

20. Build a snow fort.

21. Build a snow zoo.

22. Go for a winter wiener roast at Bowness Park

23. Walk on the many kilometers of Calgary Pathways.

24. Take some winter photographs.

25. Discover the art on the Plus 15 level downtown.

26. Blow bubbles outside in the cold.

27. Go for a walk around your community and see the signs of the various winter celebrations.

28. Capture snow flakes on a black piece of paper that has been frozen. Can you see the different shapes?

29. Listen to seasonal music.

30. Go to a matinee or second run movie.

31. Play baseball in the snow with a snow baseball.

32. Visit a pet shop.

33. Make a Snow Angel.

34. Make an ice sculpture. Fill containers (milk, margarine, etc.) with water and a few drops of food coloring. FREEZE. Then take out from container and let your imagination go.

35. Read/listen to a good book.

36. Play badminton at a Calgary Recreation Leisure Centre.

37. Attend a drop in fitness class at a Calgary Recreation pool or leisure centre.

38. Plan a video night with a Holiday movie.

39. Make a bird feeder. Try a pinecone with peanut butter and bird seeds.

40. Go to the Triangle Art Gallery.

41. Start a photo album or scrapbook.

42. Go to the TELUS World of Science on Friday nights at 7:30 pm - volunteers have telescopes set up and can answer questions.

43. Go for a nature walk and look for signs of wildlife.

44. Make sock puppets and put on a puppet show.

45. Have a backwards day.

46. Check out what's happening at your community centre.

47. Go on a scavenger hunt.

48. Get rid of your winter blues - plan a summer picnic. Get out your shorts, push back the furniture and put down the picnic blanket complete with a picnic snack.

49. See what's happening at the various book stores around town. There's lots of free talks available.

50. Take a bubble bath.         

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