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Kids Charcuterie Boards

Charcuterie boards have made a comeback lately, yet they have been around forever if you consider the good ol’ cheese and cracker tray that is synonymous with any celebration, delicious snack to munch on while your eyes are glued to the game, or simply enjoying movie night at home. I think it is time to elevate this tried-and-true tradition and gear it toward the little ones! Not only are the 2.0 versions of charcuterie a delight to the taste buds, they are a delight to all of the senses, especially sight.

Now, you know I love a good food theme and you can go crazy with this medium! Your charcuterie boards for the kids can include just desserts, fruit, pizza, breakfast, Hawaiian, Italian, Mardi Gras, BBQ, sweet treats… the possibilities are endless! Personally, I like the combination of savoury and sweet because it is your entire meal presented on one beautiful board. The smells and visuals of a charcuterie board are inviting for kids, which will definitely entice them to try new things! Take it up a notch and add dips like hummus, tzatziki, baba ganoush, etc. Get them to try each dip with snacks like pretzels, veggies, bread sticks. For fruits and other desserts, add some caramel dip, chocolate sauce, whipped cream, etc.

Your charcuterie board should consist of at least half savoury items, with at least three of them being more substantial/filling.

Savoury options could include:

  • ‘Pigs in a Blanket’ (hot dogs wrapped in Pillsbury dough) cut into bite-size pieces
  • Rolled-up Bologna
  • Deviled eggs
  • Chicken nuggets
  • Classic peanut butter and jam sandwiches (cut into quarters)
  • Ham or turkey slices wrapped around a
  • cheese string
  • Pinwheel disks (tortillas with cream cheese spread and roasted red peppers, then rolled and cut
  • into disks)
  • Mini sweet peppers stuffed with herb
  • cream cheese
  • ‘Ants on a Log’ (celery topped with peanut butter and raisins)
  • Assorted raw veggies (carrot sticks, cauliflower or broccoli florets, slices of red pepper, celery, baby cucumbers, sweet peas)
  • A fun variety of cheese cut into fun shapes with cookie cutters

Small bites

These suggested small bites work great to fill the empty spaces on your charcuterie board:

  • Pretzels
  • Nuts (if there are no allergies)
  • Popcorn (savoury and/or sweet)
  • Bread sticks
  • Crackers (Goldfish Crackers work great!)
  • Chips (Visually, Pringles look best!)
  • Baby gherkins
  • Cherry tomatoes

The other half of your charcuterie board, of course, can be sweets. You can purchase store-goodies or if you have the time, bake up a storm! Fruits and candies can be dotted throughout the board to add vibrant color.

Sweet tooth options could include:

  • Chocolate-covered strawberries
  • Mini brownie bites
  • Fruit (apple and/or
  • banana slices)
  • Mini cupcakes
  • Cookies
  • Macarons
  • Mini chocolate bars
  • Graham crackers

Nibble on these small bite options:

  • Marshmallows
  • Jellybeans
  • Grapes
  • Berries
  • Yogurt-covered and/or chocolate-
  • covered pretzels
  • Gummy bears
  • M&Ms and/or Smarties

Your board should be anchored with two to three dips or sauces. Put the dips or sauces on your board first, and then add your next largest items. You don’t need to put them all in the same spot, spread them out equally on top of your board. Work your way down in size and then use your small bites (savoury and sweet) to fill up the spaces.

Here are some dips and sauces that can complement your board:

  • Ketchup
  • Hummus
  • Honey mustard
  • Plum sauce
  • Caramel dip
  • Nutella
  • Whip cream

My only word of caution with a sweet and savoury charcuterie board is the kids may just eat the sweets and completely ignore the savoury. If you want to avoid a sugar overload, build two separate charcuterie boards.

Get creative and colorful! Use a variety of textures and flavors for your board. There is really no wrong way to do this. Have fun!

Tanya is the Head Curator at Menagerie Parties & Cakes, handcrafting boutique party experiences through custom décor, engaging activities, and show-stopping sweets for people living full, productive lives wanting to celebrate life to its fullest. It’s a Party in a Box! For more information, call 403-890-4803, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or visit Feeling Social? Follow on Facebook.





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