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Calgary’s best sweet treats

If you have a sweet tooth, Calgary is the perfect spot to satisfy it! From cool creamy confections to piping hot pastries to Instagrammable creations, our city has many choices for decadent desserts. Whether you’re looking for a nostalgic favorite or a new over-the-top experience, check out this list of some of our favorite sweet spots in and around town for whatever you’re craving! 

Soft serve at Luke’s Drug Mart -

Calgary’s oldest independent pharmacy may seem like an unlikely place to find the best soft serve ice cream in the city, but this Bridgeland treasure has house-made soft serve with rotating monthly flavors that do not disappoint. 

A trip to Luke’s makes a great outing all by itself! Both the Bridgeland and Killarney locations feature excellent cafés, small-batch coffee, soft drinks and chocolate to take home, and an unusual assortment of house plants, gifts, games, vinyl records, skin care, stationery and (of course) other conventional drug store items. The Bridgeland location also has a grocery and housewares section full of imported and unique products downstairs – don’t miss it! 

Anything at Diamond Bakery -

For decades, this small, unassuming Chinese-style family bakery hidden in the Opulence Centre has been serving up some of the best baked goods in Calgary. With a surprising variety of pastries, sweet and savory buns, tarts and more, any choice is a good one. You always end up with way more than you meant to, but that’s part of its charm! Bring your treasures home to eat them right away or stay and explore Chinatown. Diamond Bakery is cash-only, so don’t forget to hit an ATM before you visit. 

Funnel poutine at D Spot Café -

It’s poutine! It’s funnel cake! What’s not to love? A mountain of funnel cake french fries are loaded with decadent toppings like marshmallows, fudge sauce, cookies, toffee sauce, strawberries, white chocolate, cheesecake bites and more! We recommend sharing this one, but it’s a not-to-miss experience on our list. 

Cannoli at Sauce Italian Kitchen and Market -

If you are looking for authentic cannoli, look no further than Sauce Italian Kitchen and Market on 17th Avenue. Nothing can compare to the crunch of perfectly fried dough followed by the sweet creamy filling! With a selection of more than 24 flavors that range from lemon to peanut butter to Mojito, there is something to satisfy everybody in the family. 

Milkshakes at REGRUB -

REGRUB lives up to their motto of “crazy food for everyone,” especially when it comes to their over-the-top milkshakes. Flavors like Oreo Mania, Cookie Monster and Krusty the Shake are gigantic treats topped with everything from ice cream sandwiches to cheesecake and fluffy mounds of cotton candy. They also offer five dairy-free vegan shakes for those with dietary restrictions! 

Cookies at Chunk’d in Kensington -

These cookies are like nothing you have ever seen before. They are huge and absolutely packed with goodness – candy-coated chocolate, chocolate chips, chocolate bars, and even other cookies! They rotate through different flavors every week, so come back often! If you’re looking for a special occasion dessert, Chunk’d offers “pienormous” cookies (feeds ten to 12 people).

Chocolate bon bons at Cōchu Chocolatier - 

These gourmet chocolates are simply incredible, but you don’t have to take our word for it. Cōchu Chocolatier has won 61 national and international awards including 34 world final medals. Now with a flagship store in the East Village (newly opened in July 2022!) it’s easier than ever to get your hands on their famous bon bons, bars and other delicious chocolate confectionery.

Cheese buns at Glamorgan Bakery -

Okay, they’re not sweet, but we had to put one in here for the savory food fans! Cookies, pastries, cakes, buns, loaves – Glamorgan Bakery makes a staggering variety of baked goods each and every day. Glamorgan Bakery has been bringing joy to every occasion for 43 years. Get lost in their creamy cheesecake that comes in a chocolate cup, float on their fluffy flan, or carve into their handcrafted carrot cake, but you can’t leave without some of their famous cheese buns (trust us). 

Pastries at Yann Haute Patisserie -

Chef Yann Blanchard grew up in France and studied in Paris, so it is no surprise that he knows how to make a great pastry! Their amazing croissants and turnovers will transport you to France one bite at a time. With the perfect combination of dough, butter and natural ingredients, their croissants are perfect for a treat, a business meeting or at home with friends and family. Try their macarons, too – you won’t regret it!

Dessert at Sugar Marmalade -

With a slogan like “the taste of heaven made with love”, there’s a lot to live up to! Sugar Marmalade brings the goods. Every creation at this Hong Kong-style dessert café is carefully created with a modern twist on a classic taste. With a wide range of excellent bubble tea flavors, shaved ice, parfaits, jellies, bubble waffles, tong sui and more, you’re guaranteed to leave happy.

Taiyaki ice cream cone at Uzu Taiyaki -

Taiyaki is a Japanese sweet waffle in the shape of a fish, usually filled with custard or sweet red bean. Uzu takes taiyaki one step further and uses a whole fish waffle as an ice cream cone for their delicious rotating soft serve flavors like Dunkaroo, ube, matcha and more. Finish your creation with toppings like Pocky, Teddy Grahams or sour candy and enjoy! 


Afternoon tea at the Noble Teahouse in High River -

This beautiful little spot in a converted Edwardian home is only open for limited hours (Thursday to Sunday), but it’s well worth the drive to High River. You’ll need to order ahead, but the Noble Teahouse has the best afternoon tea spread around! Regularly rotating features make the most of seasonal flavors and include cakes, tarts, sandwiches, macarons and scones among other sweet treats. Perfect for a special birthday or just because, this special tea house offers women in recovery a place to work and profits go directly to local rehabilitation programs. 

Kieth’s Cinnamon Bun from Roy’s Place Restaurant in Claresholm -

If you have time to sit down and enjoy your treat, this massive cinnamon bun is worth the drive. Featured on Food Network’s You Gotta Eat Here, this sweet treat can only be described as “the size of your head.” It covers most of a dinner plate and comes to the table topped with caramel and a giant scoop of cream cheese frosting! Everything at Roy’s Place is great, so if you need something to balance out the sugar coma, don’t hesitate to come in for a full meal. 

Anything from Donut Man in Crossfield -

Although they offer a number of other sweet treats, their name says it all. The donuts at this bakery and coffee shop that is located about 40 minutes north of Calgary are exceptional. There is no mistaking how fresh these ring-shaped delicacies are, and the warm smell of baked dough will lure you in before you even reach the door!

Cupcakes at 94 Take the Cake in Okotoks -

Step into this bakery and café in an unassuming house in Okotoks and be transported inside a black-and-white painting! A great spot for a coffee and a pastry, cinnamon bun or one of their absolutely incredible cupcakes, kids love the fun interior and it’s a perfect place to take some photos together. 


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