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10 unique playgrounds to explore in and around Calgary

With the return of warm weather and green grass comes the return of playground season! Tired of playgrounds with the same boring equipment? This list will provide inspiration for unique playground adventures around the city.

1.   South Glenmore Park Playground

South Glenmore – 90 Avenue & 24 Street SW

South Glenmore Park is truly a destination playground. This Variety Children’s Park was one of the first accessible playgrounds in the city and now includes a new inclusive playground and spray park. There is also a music garden a short distance from the main playground and a bike park on the other side of the park.

2.   Ramsay Inclusive Playground

Ramsay – Macdonald Avenue SE and Bellevue Avenue SE

One of the coolest new playgrounds in Calgary, Ramsay Inclusive Playground is spread across two different tiers connected by an accessible pathway. The playground has really great views of downtown.

3.   Rangeview Park

Rangeview – Rangeview Drive and Lavender Manor SE

Rangeview is a new community in Calgary’s southeast. The playground matches the theme of the neighborhood with imaginative farm-themed play structures.

4.   Alpine Park Natural Playground

Alpine Park – Treeline Manor and Treeline Avenue SW

Located in another new Calgary neighborhood, Alpine Park is a really beautiful park space with pathways, trees and a large picnic area. The playground features natural playground equipment, wooden play structures, logs and tall slides.

5.   Northwest Commons Park Playground

University District – Thirsk Street & Kovitz Lane NW 

The Northwest Commons Park at the University District strives to be a park for everyone. Not only does it place a strong emphasis on accessibility and inclusiveness, it also provides park space for multi-generational enjoyment with a nearby dog run, attractive green space and outdoor ping pong table.

6.   Somerset Playground

Somerset – 999 Somerset Drive SW

The new inclusive playground and spray park has turned Somerset Park from a good park to a great park. The park has so much to offer and is a great place for a wide age range. It is one of the best all-around family fun parks in the city.

The playground has some really great features such as the cool rope climber which will be a hit with bigger kids and the ground level merry-go-round which all kids will love.

7.   Prairie Winds Park Natural Playscape

Westwinds/Castleridge – 233 Castleridge Boulevard NE

This popular playscape is located in northeast Calgary’s largest recreation park. It is a different style of playground from most in the city, as it uses a ‘natural playground’ setting with hills, slides set into a hill, and a long double zipline.

This playground is also right next to the wading pool with a lazy river and spray park. A second inclusive playground is located just a short walk away.

8.   Flyover Park Playground

Bridgeland – 651 McDougall Road NE

Flyover Park is an eye-catching inner city park that is unlike any other playground in the city. This playground is set into the hill, looks really cool, and has great play value as well. Effort has been made to make this park appeal to people of many different ages.

9.   Bill Robertson Park Inclusive Playground

1400 N Railway Street, Okotoks

This inclusive playground is fully fenced with good sightlines and has a covered picnic area right next to it. This is a great spot if you have multiple small children to keep track of or for hosting a family picnic.

10. Sylvan Lake Park Playground

4403 Lakeshore Drive, Sylvan Lake

The new playground at Sylvan Lake Park is truly impressive. The play equipment is varied and takes up a huge space not too far from the water. It includes things for a wide age range and features tall climbers, imaginative play structures and musical features.

Dana searches out the best places to play, eat, and learn with her kids in Calgary, across Alberta, and beyond. Her three kids also contribute their unfiltered opinions to her reviews. To explore more, visit and follow her on Instagram @yycdana.


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