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Top 10 spots to experience autumn in Calgary


The fall season brings shorter days, cooler nights and new routines – but it also brings oversized sweaters, pumpkin spice and IG-worthy photo ops! 

There’s something magical about seeing our city dotted with (or completely covered by) colorful leaves, in varying shades of red, orange and yellow. In fact, this might be our favorite season to experience as the Parks of Calgary team! 

So, instead of wistfully wishing that summer was here to stay, let’s make the most of this stunning season before the snow blows in. 

We've rounded up 10 of our favorite spots in Calgary (in no particular order) for you to experience the changing leaves. That means you can hit these inner-city golden-leaf hotspots ASAP – no research required.


Fish Creek Park

We love the section between Shannon Terrace and Votier Flats, a 9.7km out-and-back trail for epic views of colorful trees, golden grasses and - if you're lucky - local wildlife. Want to keep going? As one of the largest urban parks in North America, Fish Creek Park boasts over 100kms of pathways, perfect for walking, jogging and cycling, including paved, gravel and single-track.

Learn more about Fish Creek Park on our interactive map.


Bowness Park and Baker Park

Walk, run or bike a 4km loop starting from either park, and enjoy views of tall poplars, colorful bushes and (a much slower) Bow River. Cross the river under both Stoney Trail and 85 Street NW to complete the loop. Make sure to gaze out over Bowness Park from the classic Baker Park viewpoint, or spot the bright leaves of Bowness from the Stoney Trail ring road above on your way by! 

Learn more about Bowness Park and Baker Park on our interactive map.


Glenmore Reservoir

Circle the Glenmore Reservoir on a 15.4km loop for an excellent workout with stunning 360-views, or stop in at Weaselhead Flats for a fall walk in solitude (but leave your pup at home for the latter). This area is dotted with colorful trees, changing bushes and tall grasses perfect for autumn photoshoots and crisp evening walks. 

Learn more about North Glenmore ParkSouth Glenmore Park and Weaselhead Flats on our interactive map.


Douglas Fir Trail

This might be our favorite fall spot in the city. Explore 5.6kms of gorgeous trees spanning from Edworthy Park to Crowchild Trail, or get lost on the many, many winding and weaving side trails. In these trees, you'll find countless hidden gems, like staircases, ponds and viewpoints. Don't miss the amazing cityscape from the top of Edworthy's off-leash dog park.

Learn more about Edworthy Park and Edworthy Off-Leash Park on our interactive map.


Confederation Park 

Explore the entirety of this northwest park, home to many colorful trees, open greenspaces and active duck pond, on a 3.4km paved trail. Don't miss features like the painted tunnel and large playground while you're crunching through leaves and breathing in that fresh park air.

Learn more about Confederation Park on our interactive map. 


Inglewood Bird Sanctuary

This protected area is ripe with wildlife, trails, history and – of course – colorful trees. Enjoy a 3.1km self-guided walk through the sanctuary, as you wind in and out of informational signs while circling a wetland and following the Bow River. The iconic Colonel Walker House and nearby still water offers exquisite photo opportunities, particularly when the leaves are turning.

Learn more about Inglewood Bird Sanctuary on our interactive map.


Bowmont Park 

This park has it all – bluff walks overlooking the Bow, mountain views from scenic benches, dirt trails to walk, run, hike or bike. But there's a short trail leading to "Waterfall Valley" that's a must-visit. Follow the trail that turns into a long wooden boardwalk and you'll find a tiny waterfall beside a long staircase, leading you to soak in the viewpoint above the river's edge. 

Learn more about Bowmont Park on our interactive map.


Strathcona Ravine

Now this is a real hidden gem in Calgary! Experience a thick canopy and tall colorful grasses on a 3.7km treed trail complete with a beautiful secluded boardwalk. There are paved trails through this park too, but take a side trail to experience natural peace and quiet in our very own YYC. Nearby residents often see coyotes, deer and moose here too! 

Learn more about Strathcona Ravine on our interactive map.


Nose Hill Park

While the park itself isn't heavily treed, you can catch stunning city views from the top of any hill. We like one of the 3.7km south park loops, as it provides moderate elevation and looks over Calgary's downtown, yet has beautiful mountain views if you turn around. If you enter the park from 14 Street, find the Stone Labyrinth, an area that boasts a sea of golden poplars this time of year.

Learn more about Nose Hill Park on our interactive map.


Anywhere along the Bow River

Yep! Pick a spot, any spot. The Bow River is lined with a wide variety of deciduous trees ready to shed their leaves and put on a show. So grab your blanket, lawn chair, rollerblades – you name it – and enjoy a golden evening outdoors.

Whichever spot you choose to experience fall in Calgary, we’re happy! Because that means you’re getting out of the house, moving your body and exploring this beautiful city we call home – all things that Parks of Calgary stands for. 

Learn more about all these parks and more on the Parks of Calgary website 


If you love the outdoors, are seeking deeper connections, and want to support our local community, you’re our kind of people. Download our YYC Fall Fun Guide (​​, which includes these city trails (and so much more!).


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