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School's Out for Summer!: Fun Writing Activites for the Summer Holidays

Why are you making me do this? It’s not fair! No one else has to work over summer...attach any sort of "child labour" connotation and the battle begins. Writing over the summer can be fun and provide all of you with some memorable moments. 

Here are some suggestions to encourage your child to write in a fun and creative way that won’t be perceived as work.


1. Joke/Tongue Twister/Riddle Diary – record several each day to share in the car.

2. Jigsaw Letter –with a picture on one side and a letter on the other; cut into pieces and mail to grandparents.  It’s even better if grandparents reciprocate.

3. Menu Planning – plan your meal, write out recipes, ingredients/groceries, and send out invitations to family and friends.  Ask your guests to write a review of your fine cuisine and make sure to write a review of Mom and Dad’s next creation.

4. "Character" Emails – invent a fun character with some quirky habits - Gizmo Goat, Brainy Bunny, Tattletale Tiger.  Write emails/notes to family and friends and sign off as your quirky character.

5. Partner Stories – write the first sentence or paragraph of a story idea, then ask a parent to write the next section.  Take turns coming up with fun twists to the storyline.  Try and throw some obstacles into each other’s paths to keep the story going as long as possible.

6. Scavenger Hunts –plan and write clues for a scavenger hunt.

7. 20 Questions – think of a famous person.  The person guessing writes out each yes/no question to a maximum of 20.  This can be done via email or notes.

8. Musical Performance – write new words for your favourite song and perform for your family.

9. Trip Diary – keep a trip diary with labeled pictures of your vacation.

10. Comic Book – turn your family into cartoon characters.

These are just some of the many ways to enjoy writing with your child over the summer.  It’s a great time to be imaginative and create some lasting memories.

Roxanne Rizzuto, B.Ed., B.A., T.E.S.L., is the owner of Tutor Doctor, a tutoring company that “makes house calls” for all grades and subjects. Roxanne facilitates and enriches the learning process by matching students with just the right tutors who then work one-on-one in the home to administer individualized lessons.
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