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Halloween Photos in the Park - Dress 'em up & Take 'em Out

I love taking pictures of my kids dressed up in cute Halloween costumes. In Calgary, it can be challenging to do this on Halloween, though. It gets dark early, it’s cold and sometimes there’s even snow on the ground. You’re lucky if your kids aren’t wearing snowsuits while they trick-or-treat. Last year, a friend and I took our sons out for a walk in Confederation Park with their costumes on. We got great pictures, the kids had fun and it was adorable watching a little lion and dinosaur chase each other around the park.

I highly recommend giving it a try. Here are some suggestions for Calgary parks with great fall leaves:

Confederation Park - 24 Avenue & 14 Street NW to 30 Avenue & 10 Street NW:
At Confederation Park, you can do a big loop around the whole park or a smaller walk around just around the east or west sections. A river runs through the park with a pond area (complete with ducks) on the west side. There are a number of bridges throughout the park, a tunnel in the middle of the park and a small playground on the east side. Confederation Park features primarily Balsam Poplar trees, which are tall and mature with yellow leaves.

Prince’s Island Park - 4 Street and 1 Avenue SW (just north of Downtown along the Bow River): A trip to Prince’s Island necessitates a bit of a walk as there is no traffic on the island; however, it is well worth the trip. The park has water all around with a wetlands area to the east and a lagoon area with ducks to the south. There are also plenty of pathways, small rolling hills and a fantastic playground. The trees in Prince’s Island Park are varied and feature red and purple leaves in addition to the yellow leaves more typically found in Calgary.

Edworthy Park - South Access - Bow Trail & Spruce Drive SW. North Access - Shaganappi Trail and 16 Avenue: Edworthy Park features numerous picnic areas, pathways, flat grassy areas and four small playgrounds. In addition, the CP Rail line runs right through the centre of the park, so you can often see a train right up close while you’re there. The park is full of large trees with primarily yellow leaves in the fall, including aspen, willow and balsam poplar.

North Glenmore Park - 7305 Crowchild Trail SW: Located on the North side of the Glenmore Reservoir, North Glenmore Park is a fun spot for fall photos. The park features an extensive pathway system, picnic areas, two playgrounds, great views of the reservoir and large mature trees.

Carburn Park - 67 Riverview Drive SE: Taking a walk along the pathways in Carburn Park, it’s hard to imagine you’re in the middle of the city. In addition to the Balsam Popular trees and colorful shrubbery, Carburn Park features man-made ponds, river access, picnic areas and a playground.

Nellie Breen Park - Inglewood - 14 Street and St. Monica Avenue SE: If you are looking for less of a walk and more of a play at the park, Nellie Breen Park would be an excellent choice. It’s a small park that is almost entirely taken up by a sprawling playground. The park is beautiful with large mature trees and a gazebo.

Dana spends her free time seeking out the best indoor and outdoor places to play in Calgary with her son and blogging about them. For more information, visit


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