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Bus Safety Program for Parents and Kindergarten Students

A child’s very first day of school is filled with many new and exciting experiences. There are so many things for parents to think about that the topic of bus safety for students can be easily overlooked. That is, of course, until the big yellow bus comes rambling down the street to pick up your child and you remember that you haven’t said anything about how to be safe on the school bus. Oh, no!

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It's Winter - Go Out and Have Fun!

Living in Canada requires a certain ability to look for the silver lining when we are saddled with winter for six months out of the year. Sure, it takes a lot of patience to dress your kids up like Michelin Man to go outside for a mere 10 minutes, but there are so many fun winter activities to share with your kids.

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Holiday Safety

The holiday season is an exciting time for everyone. It is a special time for celebrating with family and friends. Trees, decorative lights, candles, ornaments and gifts are a large part of the celebrations.

However, according to Carol Beringer with KidSafe Connection, with these special traditions come hazards for children. "Children are excited by the holidays and parents may be busy and distracted during this time", says Carol.

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Halloween Safety

Here are some tips from Calgary EMS to keep your ghost or goblin safe this Halloween.


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