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Preventing Heat-Related Illness

Overexposure to the sun or heat can lead to cramps, exhaustion and even death. Proper protection is essential for preventing heat and sun related illness. Prevention is simple, effective and by far preferable to treatment. Proper prevention measures significantly reduce probability of sun related illness. Your actions in identifying and reacting to the signs of heat related illness could mean the difference between life and death. Over-exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays can have detrimental effects on your skin.

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Keep Your Little Guppies Safe in the Water

Drowning is the second leading cause of unintentional injury/death for children and adolescents; children aged one to three are especially vulnerable. As parents and kids gear up for a wet summer of fun at the pool, lake and beach, the following are some water safety tips to keep in mind that will make summer playtime a splash for all:

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Five Steps For Keeping Your Young Athlete Healthy & Injury-Free During The Summer Sports Season

It’s a question that bedevils virtually every parent with a kid who plays sports: Is there anything you can do to keep your young athlete on the field and off the disabled list? It turns out the answer is, "yes". Tony Breitbach, Ph.D., assistant professor and director of athletic training education at Saint Louis University’s Doisy College of Health Sciences, says there are five things every parent can do to help their kids stay healthy and injury-free while playing sports this summer.

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Window and Balcony Safety

With the return of warmer weather The City of Calgary Emergency Medical Services would like to remind parents of an often overlooked hazard in the home. To bring fresh air into your house, or to cool off in hot weather, we naturally think of opening a window. However, open windows can present a serious safety hazard for young children. Every year, Calgary paramedics respond to emergencies in the home where a child has fallen from an open window– often from the second floor.

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